Even Kotoura ships the president with the vice-president.


Kotoura and friends finish up their summer vacation trip by going to the hot springs… only to find it closed.  So they just end up having dinner there instead, and we find out the true extent of Moritani’s bad cooking…  Afterwards, the five friends have to go home, but Kotoura stays behind a little bit to visit her mother’s room.  When she leaves her grandfather’s estate, it’s shown that she has grown much stronger than before.

This whole scene I don’t even

In the second half of the episode, Kotoura wishes to spend time with Manabe, but he always seems distracted.  Thus she asks for some aid from Yuriko and they go spy on Manabe for a day.  Turns out he’s working a job handing out fliers, but for what reason?  Kotoura begins to doubt her relationship with Manabe, but her friends encourage her not to give up.  When the school season starts back up again, Kotoura is in for a surprise…

I don’t care if people still hate her; she’s definitely grown on me.

It’s confirmed. Manabe is secretly a furry. (I’M KIDDING)

My Opinion: (slight spoilers ahead!)

This episode was just really heart-warming to watch.  I admit, I found some of the jokes to be really out of place (what was up with that bit about Moritani’s cooking???) but I really liked this episode overall.

We get to see Kotoura’s mom again!  And she… unfortunately still hasn’t changed/doesn’t seem to have forgiven her daughter yet.  What I liked about the scene between Kumiko (that’s her name) and the Head Priest is that we’re shown how much she contrasts with her daughter.  While her daughter has moved on from her troubles and become a much stronger person, Kumiko still seems to want to stay in the past and live in her despair.  Still, this series is hinting pretty heavily at a mother-daughter reunion sometime in the future.  But whether that will end happily is up in the air for now.

Although the main focus is still on Kotoura’s developing relationship with Manabe, we get to see a glimpse of some other characters’ relationships too.  In this episode we finally get to see how Daichi and Yuriko became friends.  I also like Moritani’s character building here, when she comes to Kotoura for help with her homework.  If that scene doesn’t redeem Moritani as a character for you, then I don’t think anything will.

Did Daichi read so many books that he needed glasses or something? Because he didn’t have them as a kid.

The one thing I’m getting really sick of in Kotoura-san is how often Kotoura angsts about her flat chest.  Sure I can understand that type of angst (I’m flat as a brick wall), but having her obsess constantly about it is starting to get a bit annoying.  It was funny the first time but boob-jokes get old really fast.  And honestly, girls don’t spend ALL their time angsting about their small boobs.  This is one of the parts in this series where you just know this story/manga was written up by a guy.

Case in point…

Despite all this, this was still a pretty solid episode.  If nothing else, you should stick around for the ending.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Manabe you are such a dork but that’s what makes me love you so.