Moeronpan’s back! And damn, of all the episodes for me to miss reviewing it just had to be the one with the extended No More! parody. Anyway said parody was beautiful and made me very happy, and its kind of terribly ironic that the sole reason for my inappropriate crush on Kamiomi is my object-head fascination —and then he goes and cosplays the source of said fascination for a full episode. Anyway.

Something that should not be this way comes.

In episode 6, Sasami’s mother comes to town. Although Sasami is overjoyed at first, she quickly realizes its the perfect chance for her to do all the things she always wanted to do with her mother and never got the chance to before due to her incredibly reserved and monastic lifestyle. Shopping! Arcade games! Eating ice cream! Restaurants! Although her mother previously believed all these things are evil and distract from her true path, perhaps she’ll come around, because after all, this is a happy, mother-daughter bonding episode.
…..Except it isnt because her mother died a while ago and she did not come back from the underworld to screw around.

It’s nice seeing Sasami so happy to be outside.

How to Use Magic to Cheat At Crane Games, with your host, Tsukuyomi Juju.

‘I am always cute!’ ….you really weren’t towards the end of the episode or in the next one though, just saying.

Man this episode was…something else. I dont think I’ve seen such a drastic mood whiplash to an ‘oh shit’ moment since Madoka: this  was an episode that started off adorable, heartwarming and pleasant and then suddenly got downright terrifying.
And not just in the subject matter – SHAFT did a really good job of whiplashing the mood with the visuals and music too. Sasami and her mother doing cute motherdaughter things was part of it, but even the Yagami sisters got in on the fluffyness by taking Kagami’s pet rabbit, Meat, (who I havent actually mentioned until now I’m pretty sure) to the vet. But then when the ‘bass drops’ so to speak, the tone, colours and everything else change so drastically that it seriously caught me off guard. Catching you off guard is something that good writers are able to do, and they must have had a blast with this one.  I’ve noticed a whoooole load of people suddenly dropped the show after this episode and started hating it (even calling it ‘the worst SHAFT show ever’, really?), so apparently this was a really polarizing episode. I have no idea what their problem is, because I found it brilliant. Perhaps they only wanted a slice of life about a hikkikomori.
What surprised me the most was Tama, my least favourite character, becoming likeable. I didnt mind her in the previous episode, actually, but she moved a lot higher up the ranks when she started trying to protect Sasami.

oh boy oh boy Happygami.

why are your hands are feet so shrunken


Out of 5,


Episode 7


Sasami’s mother, Juju, has spirited her away back to Tsukuyomi Shrine – the remains of it, anyway, so that she can fulfil her duty as part of the Tsukuyomi Family. Part of this duty is to produce a child, and despite Sasami’s own feelings, Juju refuses to listen to her. Dismayed at the state of the world and the lack of any Tsukuyomi saving it, she had specifically crawled out of the underworld to set things ‘right’ and she is determined to not let Sasami have her way without a fight.

But when Tama – the only Yagami not incapacitated in the last episode – finally shows up, that’s exactly what she gets.

You’re pretty brave for a 9-year-old, Tama, tears or not.

This show has basically become The SHAFT Drinking Game, but I don’t care.

Probably the closest we’ve gotten to seeing Kamiomi’s face so far…

This episode continues with the dramatic mood the previous one left us with, and does a great job of letting us feel Sadami’s helplessness and despair. Even though I was pretty sure Kamiomi wouldn’t actually die 7 episodes in, I had almost the same reaction as Sasami to seeing that bloodied briefcase. (I had to laugh, though, at the various ways he was able to keep his face hidden without it.)
The siblings’ relationship gets a little more focus here, and we can see how deeply Sasami actually cares about him, even outside the ‘the does whatever I want’ reason for  tolerating him she usually exhibits.  Which was actually pretty touching. Kamiomi himself also managed to be vaguely badass and I found it highly satisfying to watch him rescue Sasami.
But this episodes badass award will have to go to Tama, and even more do when you consider she is actually 9 years old. She traveled on the back of a shinkansen all the way to Kyushu and then beat up Sasami’s mother. I’d always considered Tama had some degree of power, but it seems like she may actually be the most powerful of the Yagamis after all.
This arc seems to have ended – and on a rather depressing note, too. Even thoguh the plot has definitely thickened a lot, I have no idea where things will go next as usual. However when I looked at the light novel covers in the bookstore there were quite a few characters yet to be seen in the anime so another character being introduced soon isn’t out of the question.

You weren’t very nice, Juju, but I’ll still miss you and your awesome imagery.

i hate it when that happens too.

Out of 5,