Sorry for the belated review.  I just needed a bit of a break from reviewing last week.  Kotoura-san episode 8 will be reviewed with episode 9 when it comes out.

Shin Sekai Yori is winding down now so there are SUPER HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD.

You have been warned!

Yeaaaaaah that doesn’t last long.

Episode 21 Summary:

Shisei makes a last stand of sorts against the remaining Goblinrats in Saki’s village, but even he is no match for the Fiend, who it’s pretty obvious from appearances is Maria and Mamoru’s child.  Saki and Satoru are forced to run for it, and eventually do make it to the Temple of Purity, though not without a sacrifice from one of Tomiko’s companions, Niimi.

…He looks like an exact copy of his mother.

At the temple, Saki discovers that her parents also made it out alive, though they eventually returned to the village to set the Demon Cats free in hopes that it is enough to kill the Fiend.  Saki is obviously devastated by this bit of news, but there isn’t much time to grieve for very long.  Saki and Satoru end up meeting Inui, who is the only remaining member of the team sent out to wipe out the Robber Fly colony a week ago.  He explains how he escaped the goblinrats and the Fiend.

Still love the backgrounds/backdrops in this series.

On his way back to the village, he stopped by the village’s hospital, and found out that the rats were abducting human infants.  Thus the full extent of Yakomaru’s diabolical plan is finally revealed.  He plans on taking the infants and making them into more Fiends.  With an army of Fiends, Yakomaru could easily conquer the world.

Episode 22 Summary:

Saki’s parents are really brave for doing what they did…

Inui continues telling Saki and Satoru how he escaped.  It turns out he was rescued by Kiroumaru, who is still alive.  It was Kiroumaru who brought him to the Temple of Purity.  After their discussion, a priest hands Saki a package that was left behind by her mother.  In it is a letter and a small False Minoshiro.  The letter details a mission that Saki must take if there’s any chance for them to stand up against the Fiend.  Saki must now seek out the Psychobuster, a weapon of mass-destruction that was made long ago in order to kill off Canti users.

I’m really glad to see Kiroumaru again.

Saki and Satoru ask to be allowed to talk to Kiroumaru, and gain some more details out of him about Yakomaru’s strategy.  In the end, Saki, Satoru, Inui, and Kiroumaru have to make a journey to Tokyo, where the Psychobuster’s location appears to be.  They manage to avoid clashing with Yakomaru’s forces by using a submarine, though the time they have is short.  Yakomaru and the Fiend are now hot on their trail.

Green filter. Green filter everywhere.

Once arriving in Tokyo (which is a deserted wasteland in Saki’s time), Saki and the others are forced underground.  While traveling under Tokyo, the False Minoshiro explains what the Psychobuster is: it is apparently a form of anthrax that was developed by the government.  Although Saki is worried about the use of such a deadly biological weapon, Satoru says that they have no choice.  Meanwhile, Yakomaru and the Fiend draw ever closer to Saki’s group.

My Opinion:

These two episodes are basically just non-stop explanation and revelations, so forgive me if the screengrabs this time aren’t that exciting.

In these episodes, many things that were pretty apparent before are just plain stated outright.  One of these things is that the Fiend is Maria and Mamoru’s kid, taken and raised by the goblinrats.  Another that was pretty obvious was that Yakomaru wants to take over the world/wipe out the humans because he doesn’t want to be a mere slave to the humans anymore.  However, a revelation that did surprise me was that Yakomaru was abducting human infants.  I suppose even I have been underestimating him like Saki and the villagers did, because I was not expecting him to be so thorough in his plans.  Like Saki says through narration, with the new infants in his hands, he’ll have even more Fiends at his disposal.  If the one he’s using now fails, all he’ll have to do is wait ten years for his new army to mature.

Another surprise is the sudden appearance of Kiroumaru.  Although he still seems loyal to the humans, one can’t help but have the sneaking suspicion that he might turn on Saki and co. eventually.  The only thing that’s preventing him from siding with Yakomaru is… well, the depth of his hatred for Yakomaru.

Saki finally pays a visit to Tokyo, which is now a desert.  I can’t say I wasn’t really expecting that, but it’s still a bit unnerving to actually see.  I really loved the build-up to Tokyo, when Saki and the others had to travel by submarine to avoid being seen by Yakomaru’s forces.  Episode 22 had some great tense moments.  The reveal that the Psychobuster is actually anthrax is very worrying.  Sure, Saki and the others might be able to defeat the Fiend with it, but wouldn’t it severely harm their health as well?  Seems to me like this might end up being a suicide mission, with only Saki left alive (as she’s the narrator, obviously).

As amazing as these episodes were, it’s beginning to get a little hard to watch each new Shin Sekai Yori episode.  Things are just getting worse and worse, and Saki is failing into more and more despair.  With only three episodes left, I’m really curious as to how the series will end.  All I know is that it will most likely end in tragedy.

Out of five for episodes 21 and 22:

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