There seems to be some pretty big things brewing in Kotoura-san so there are SPOILERS in this review!


Episode 8:

Continuing on from episode 7, it turns out that Manabe got Kotoura a pendant locket for her birthday.  Soon after that, Kotoura comes down with a cold and Manabe ends up staying part of the night to help her get better.  It seems that Kotoura’s telepathy goes away when she’s ill.  After she gets better, her powers still haven’t returned though, worrying Yuriko.

“There’s no point if it doesn’t embarrass Kotoura!” Manabe, never change.

Kotoura-san why do you do this to my heart

Yeah, suuuuuuuure it is.

Yuriko ends up setting Kotoura and Manabe on a date as a way for Manabe to make up for his perverted fantasies while Kotoura was sick.  The two high schoolers spend the whole day together and have lots of fun times.  Unfortunately, the happy atmosphere soon gets shattered when Kotoura suddenly regains her telepathy in the worst way possible: by accidentally reading the mind of a possible murderer.

Episode 9:


The episode opens up with two police officers/detectives investigating the case of a person who has been going around attacking high school girls.  Although he hasn’t actually murdered anyone yet, the senior policeman still wishes to close the case quickly.

Kotoura tells the ESP club members about her vision the next day.  Turns out that the latest victim in the string of attacks came from their own school.  This greatly scares Kotoura.  Things are further exacerbated when her classmates overhear a conversation between her and Moritani.  Now the whole school thinks Kotoura knows who did it, but isn’t ratting the criminal out due to fear for her own safety.

Manabe has now taken Moritani’s place as the butt-monkey of this series.

Later on, Kotoura’s grandfather drops by for a surprise visit, in the hopes of cheering Kotoura up.  He takes them to a high-class restaurant/hotel for dinner that night.  However, the mood turns tense when Kotoura’s mother, Kumiko, also unexpectedly shows up.  Thanks to her friends, Kotoura finally gains the courage to stand up to her mother.  And it’s also shown that Kumiko still cares about Kotoura somewhat deep down in her heart.

I really love Yuriko’s clothes/fashion sense. Ah, if only I had the body to match…

Love Yuriko’s and Daichi’s expressions in the background there.

But the episode takes a turn for the dark again at the very end; as we see Moritani at the scene of the crime with the latest victim and blood on her hands…

My Opinion:

If you thought that Kotoura-san was just going to be a happy anime from here on out… then you thought wrong.  Because it appears that Kotoura-san is going to turn into a mystery drama for its last few episodes before the season ends.  Sure, there are still three episodes left, but at this point it seems like this will be the final hurdle that Kotoura will have to overcome.

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting this.  I knew that there would be some further drama down the line for Kotoura, but not a mystery case!  Somehow, I get the feeling that this was toned down from the 4-komas.  Based on some research I’ve done, the 4-komas are actually WAY darker than the anime (if you can even believe that).  I’m pretty sure in the original komas, this was actually a MURDER case, not just an assault one.  Either way, the ending of episode 9 did not signal good news for Moritani.  Based on the next episode previews, it seems pretty obvious that she’ll be framed for the assaults, and it will probably be left up to Kotoura to prove her innocence.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s get back to talking about episodes 8 and 9.

Episode 8 was pretty typical rom-com stuff like that of episodes 5-7.  Which is fine with me, personally.  I really loved the latter half of the episode where Kotoura and Manabe went on their “totally not a date” date.  Usually rom-com anime spend most of the series trying to set up two characters who just cannot spit out their feelings for each other.  Which is why I find Kotoura’s form of romance so refreshing.  Manabe has already sort of confessed his love for Kotoura in episode 2, so now the series is just building up their budding romance.  And it’s really sweet to see.  But then the ending to episode 8 happened and just like that we’re thrown into episode 9 and the drama is back.

Episode 9 was where the series started getting serious again.  Hell, we even see Kumiko again!  And she actually has a face-to-face with Kotoura!  Turns out Kumiko has yet another boyfriend, but based on Kotoura’s reaction to him, I doubt that things are going to end well on Kumiko’s end…  I do think it’s nice that they showed that Kumiko’s not a complete monster as she still cares about Kotoura somewhat.  But I somehow doubt that she’ll ever really progress out of her mean stage, even by the end of this series.

Overall, episodes 8 and 9 are great episodes and are definitely worth watching; for not only the relationship development between Kotoura and Manabe, but also for the sudden mystery that’s been introduced.  I’m sensing that there will be more drama in the future, so all I’m hoping now is that this series at least ends on a happy note.

Out of five for episodes 8 and 9:

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