There are SPOILERS ahead!

Moritani really does get the short end of the stick in this series, holy cow.


Kotoura and gang quickly find out that Moritani’s been arrested on suspicion of the being the one behind the attacks.  However, Kotoura knows that that isn’t the case.  In an attempt to free Moritani, Kotoura reveals to the head detective that she has telepathy, and even displays some of her powers to convince him.  However, Mr. Head Detective still can’t let Moritani free based simply on that evidence alone, because no one else would believe her.

The gang has assembled in the most unlikeliest of places!

As Kotoura and friends leave the police station, Yuriko decides that the ESP club will now take on the case and find the criminal, as she believes the police can’t handle this case on their own.  Kotoura agrees to help by lending her psychic abilities, though this only causes an argument to spark between Manabe and Kotoura.  Manabe is worried for Kotoura’s safety, but Kotoura has already made up her mind.  After that, Kotoura and Manabe start avoiding each other and have even stopped talking to one another.

Yuriko, there’s a fine line between being brave and just being insane.

Can I just say now that I really love Daichi and Yuriko’s relationship? You can tell they’ve been friends for a long time.

Moritani you are really laid back, aren’t you…

Soon after, another victim gets attacked, so Moritani gets set free.  However, everyone still wishes to find the true criminal.  Thus they begin investigating on their own (sans Manabe, who still refuses to join in).  However, the other detective, Tsukino, discovers what the kids are up to and calls up Kotoura telling them to stop.  Before she hangs up, she leaves the group a tantalizing hint about the criminal’s possible current location.  After hearing this, Yuriko makes up her mind to be the bait.  While trailing behind Yuriko, Kotoura manages to get hold of the criminal’s thoughts.  However, it seems to have come at the cost of Yuriko’s well-being…


My Opinion:

Not very many gags this episode, for a very good reason.  The focus of this episode was on Kotoura and gang’s investigation into who is behind these attacks.

Personally, I think it’s fairly obvious who the criminal is, ever since last episode.  Possible spoilers ahead, but it’s really just my speculation:

It seems obvious to me that Tsukino is the culprit.  If you paid close attention to the end of episode 8, you’ll realize that SOMEONE wearing a white collared shirt walked by just as Kotoura got that faint-inducing vision.  Who wears white collared shirts of all the characters we’ve seen so far?  Also, Tsukino has been shown to be acting the most suspicious of all the characters.  She is shown repeatedly trying to put a stop to Kotoura and friends’ activities (which is part of her responsibility as a member of the police), but her insistence about it points to her being the criminal.  Also, if she were really trying to get them to not meddle in police affairs, do you think she would have dropped a hint like that at the end?  If she were really trying to keep them out of things, she wouldn’t have told them the location of where the criminal would be next.  So she was basically baiting them out in order to attack them.  Which is… kind of stupid of her since she has the chance of getting caught (as she knows about Kotoura’s abilities), but maybe she has some deeper motive for these attacks, I honestly don’t know.  Also, the hair fringe really gives it away.

Anyway, the “case” seems like it’s going to be wrapped up in the next (or next two) episodes so hopefully they’ll be a happy ending to all this.  But man, poor Yuriko.  I get the feeling that this series won’t kill her off (that would be too cruel), but she’ll probably still be pretty badly injured.  I predicted that one of the main characters would get hurt by this case, but I was expecting Kotoura not Yuriko.  Yuriko, you must either be really brave or really stupid in how desperate you want to show up the police.  Either way, I just hope the “sacrifice” was worth it.  Although Yuriko is still shown to be somewhat morally ambiguous, I want see the criminal get their comeuppance even more now.  Though once the criminal gets caught, I hope there’s a good reason for why exactly they’re doing this.  Bad motives make for a really bad mystery.

Overall, a decent episode.  Kotoura-san (anime, not the character) does seem to lack a certain something when there’s not as much humor, and when Manabe doesn’t play a big role during the episode.  And as exciting as the mystery is, I find it really painfully obvious who the culprit is.  Still, I suppose there’s no better way to end this series off than with a mystery with (possible) lives at stake.  Let’s just hope it wraps up well.

Out of five for this episode:

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