Shin Sekai Yori Episode 24

Only one more episode of Shin Sekai Yori left to go after this! As such, there are MAJOR SPOILERS for this review!




After Shun’s ghost suddenly disappears, Saki finds herself face-to-face with Kiroumaru, who then leads her to where Satoru is.  Satoru is slightly injured, but relatively fine other than that.  After Saki reveals to the two that she’s found the Psychobuster, Kiroumaru devises a plan: they will go through a long winding tunnel that is mainly one-directional.  Kiroumaru says he’ll act as bait to lure the Fiend to Saki and Satoru, where they will then have a chance of killing the Fiend with the Psychobuster.  Since the wind in the tunnel is downwind, the Psychobuster will mainly only affect the Fiend.

Saki seems to be the most level-headed one in this situation.

However, as Saki and Satoru are traveling through the tunnel, Saki begins to have serious doubts about this plan; arising mainly from Shun’s continued presence through his disembodied voice.  Saki wonders if the kid really is a Fiend—perhaps he just doesn’t realize that he’s human.  Later on, after narrowly avoiding being crushed by the tunnel collapsing, Saki and Satoru finally come face-to-face with Maria’s child.  Satoru puts up a mirror due to Saki’s suggestion, in the hopes that the kid would come to realize what he really is.  However, it doesn’t work, so Satoru ends up throwing the Psychobuster.  But Saki realizes that at this distance, Satoru will be affected by the deadly bio-weapon too, and ends up burning it up with her Canti—though not without also burning the kid in the process.

The Fiend appears!
This is one of the few caps in this episode where Saki’s face doesn’t look odd.

Saki and Satoru end up meeting with Kiroumaru and are forced to keep running.  While they are resting for a bit, Saki asks Kiroumaru the reason for why he was in Tokyo all those years ago.  Kiroumaru finally explains: he was looking for old weapons of mass destruction to wipe out the humans.  He didn’t want to do this necessarily out of hate or because he was greedy for conquest; rather, he was doing it for the survival of his species.  After hearing this, Saki seems to realize something about the “Fiend.”  She ends up devising a plan which she says will bring an end to all this.

I wonder if the kid was born with those markings on his face or if the goblinrats painted that on him.
Of course I had to cap the trippy sequence that Saki has when she realizes she doesn’t want to lose Satoru.

Of course, we the audience aren’t let in on this plan so we’ll have to wait until next episode—the final episode of Shin Sekai Yori.

My Opinion:

Being the pre-ultimate episode of the series, I’m glad to say that it fulfilled my expectations and more.  This episode was tense and exciting, making me cling to the edge of my seat in anticipation.  I was really sad when the episode ended (on such a cliffhanger too!), but that just makes me more excited for the last episode.

Saying that, I’m still not too sure what is up with Shun’s voice/appearance.  I guess he really is a ghost or something now?  Or maybe Saki’s still just hallucinating him.  Both theories are possible.  I mean, this series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is a psychic so it’s not like this is exactly that far-fetched.  Whatever Shun’s deal is, at least it helped Saki to realize… something.  She’s being very vague at the end of this episode, so I’m not sure what she’s planning exactly, but Kiroumaru definitely plays a role in it.  The next episode preview sort of spoils the ending to this series in that they show a brief screenshot of Saki in a building calmly doing paperwork(?) so I’m guessing this series will have somewhat of a “happy” ending after all.

In this episode, there was also the revelation that Maria’s kid might still have the death loop feedback—except it only works on Goblinrats because he was raised to think he was one.  If that were the case, that would explain how he could kill so many humans without spontaneously dying afterwards.  But at the same time, it seems to raise a bit of a plot hole.  Wasn’t the kid the one who decimated Kiroumaru’s army?  If he really did kill them off, then… how would that be possible exactly?  If the kid has the death feedback for goblinrats, he wouldn’t be able to kill off Kiroumaru’s army, right?  It could be that I’m remembering the details wrong, but seriously, what’s up with that?

Anyway, this was a really good episode, though I did find some animation issues in the earlier part of the episode.  Saki’s face looked unusually long in some shots.  I suppose some people might think Saki’s really stupid for just destroying the Psychobuster like that (after all the deaths it took for her just to get it), but I get the feeling that resolving things that way would have just made things worse.  Hopefully the sacrifice was worth it in the end.

Out of five:

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One thought on “Shin Sekai Yori Episode 24

  1. Nopy March 18, 2013 / 12:09 am

    I was really shocked when Saki destroyed the psychobuster, but I guess she just couldn’t bring herself to lose Satorou and the one thing that Maria left behind. I have a feeling that the really cocky guy that was helping to defend the village with Shisei was the one that actually defeated Kiroumaru’s army based on the conversation that the humans had after they discovered what happened.

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