Whoo! I was able to finish this before episode 12 got released after all! Episode 11 finishes up a somewhat longish arc so there are obviously SPOILERS!

This face accurately describes like 50% of what the Kotoura-san anime is composed of.


Continuing on from last time, Daichi ends up taking the hit for Yuriko from the serial criminal.  The criminal gets away in the process, and Daichi ends up at the hospital, fortunately not too badly injured.  Kotoura ends up blaming herself for what’s happened again, and runs away.  She ends up in the park where she met Tsukino before, and trips and skins her knee.  Coincidentally, Tuskino is also passing by the park at this hour, and so invites Kotoura to her home in order to treat the wound.

Meanwhile, Moritani confronts Manabe and tells him to stop being so stupid over a silly argument and make up with Kotoura already.  Moritani then confesses her love to him.  However, Manabe rejects her offer, saying he already loves Kotoura.  Moritani already knew this ahead of time, and (on the surface), she’s happy that Manabe and Kotoura are together. She then quickly sends Manabe off to find Kotoura, before succumbing to her tears.

This is one of the reasons why I can’t bring myself to hate Moritani even after what she did in the early episodes.

Back at the hospital, Daichi finally regains consciousness and Yuriko apologizes for her rash behavior.  The two basically indirectly confess their love to each other, but the happy atmosphere doesn’t last long. Daichi quickly puts the pieces together and realizes that the attacker was none other than Tsukino.  Knowing about the text that Kotoura sent, saying that she’s currently at Tsukino’s house, Daichi and Yuriko immediately begin worrying about Kotoura’s safety.


At Tsukino’s place, she and Kotoura have just finished up dinner.  Suddenly, Tsukino’s personality changes and Kotoura has to literally run for her life.  Turns out that the “criminal” is actually an alter ego that Tsukino developed unconsciously after years of being bullied and holding in all her hate and anger.  Just as Kotoura is about to get hit, Manabe miraculously comes to her aid.  However, Kotoura realizes that the real Tsukino would never want to hurt anyone, and manages to get through to the detective.  Tsukino, who has broken free from her alter ego, decides to peacefully turn herself in to the police to repent for her crimes.  Meanwhile, Kotoura happily reunites with her friends… and Manabe.

I actually feel rather bad for Tsukino too…

The criminal reveals herself! Except that it was pretty obvious from the beginning imo.

Kotoura’s friends have got her back.

My Opinion:

This is probably one of the best episodes of Kotoura-san.  Not only do we get a lot of plot development, but we get a lot of character development thrown in to boot. Of course, it’s not without a few flaws, but I’ll get to that later.

I just want to get the character development stuff out of the way first.  I think that in this episode alone, all five main characters got developed a bit.  Kotoura gains the will to live; Manabe realizes the depth of his love for Kotoura; Daichi shows that he’s been caring for Yuriko all along; and Yuriko finally realizes just how dangerous her quest for revenge was.  And then there’s Moritani.  Out of the supporting cast, Moritani has definitely developed the most–I’d say second to or even moreso than Kotoura.  She starts off as a mean, bitter girl, but she does eventually realize the consequences of her hateful actions.  And in the end she even begins to support Kotoura and Manabe’s relationship, even though it secretly pains her at times.  Because she wants the both of them to be happy, because they’re her friends.  I don’t know about you, but you’d need to be a pretty tough person to react to Manabe’s rejection the way she did (choosing to hide her tears until after Manabe was out of sight).  Compare her actions here to those in the first few episodes and you’ll see just how far she’s come.

The serial attacker arc finally comes to an end here. And while I’m glad that that’s finally over, I’m having mixed feelings about the end result.  Tsukino was always a pretty obvious suspect from the beginning, but the reason for WHY she became a criminal was kind of… “eh.”  I guess this series wanted to paint her as sort of a tragic villain, and I did feel a bit sorry for her.  But the treatment of the whole “alter ego” business was really iffy.  And Kotoura manages to break through in like… one sentence, okay?  Something like that would normally take months or years in real life, but this is anime so I can’t rant about it too much.  I know it doesn’t matter anymore (since, once again, anime), but I hope that Tsukino gets some serious psychological help while she’s in prison.

Overall, a good episode.  Some parts of the plot could have used a bit more work, but it was nonetheless an exciting watch.  And I think the sheer amount of character development in this episode alone balances that out.

Out of five:

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Next time… the final episode!