To be perfectly honest, I only reviewed this series because I thought the character designs were nice. Other than that, can this series really hold up? Let’s find out…


Our story takes place on the planet of Aquafall; a planet populated mainly by dragon/human hybrids and other mystical beings.  The heroine of the story is Leviatan, who appears to be a water dragon specializing in water spells.  She constantly worries about her older brother, who seems to have gone missing some time ago.

Pictured: Not Leviatan. I couldn’t seem to get any good caps of her this episode.

One day during training, Leviatan accidentally knocks out a passing fairy.  The fairy introduces herself as Syrop, and she claims to have been looking for people to recruit into the Aquafall Armed Forces.  Due to a meteorite that crashed into their planet recently, strange creatures have been emerging and are starting to invade the land.  However, Leviatan refuses the fairy’s offer, saying that her village is still peaceful.  Nonetheless, Leviatan ends up bringing Syrop to a local bar/restaurant to eat, I guess as sort of an apology for knocking her out earlier.

Are small mascots in anime required to be really damn annoying or something?

Hey, you started it first you little shit

Along the way Syrop ends up making enemies with the village thug, causing a fight to ensue at the bar.  Two other girls (what appear to be a fire and earth dragon respectively) also end up being drawn into the fight.  Afterwards, the three girls end up becoming friends.

My Opinion:

I don’t understand how something that sounds so interesting (a fantasy based planet filled with dragon people) manages to be so… dull.  This episode was just that: dull.

The main problem with this series is its somewhat inconsistent tone.  The summary and opening for this series makes it out like it’s some really action-packed series, or maybe something really dramatic.  But then you get into the episode itself and it turns out to actually be more slice-of-life.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with slice-of-life series, and I’d actually love a decently done fantasy-based one; but this series just… seems to lack a special something. It was like I was watching Shining Hearts except without the annoying male lead (thank god).

The characters are all likeable enough—well, except Syrop (Syrup?) who’s just really annoying.  And Leviatan’s village seems very interesting.  Heck, the whole planet of Aquafall is a pretty neat world and I’d love to learn more about it.  Sadly the pacing for this series is just really awful.  This episode dragged for me.  Even though it’s technically two minutes shorter than the average anime episode (20 minutes instead of 22-23-ish), this episode just felt so much longer.  I think Syrop’s partially to blame for this, actually.  If the focus of this episode wasn’t so much on her and more on the three main dragon-girls, I would have enjoyed this episode far more.

Animation-wise, this series ranks average.  Story-wise, this series does seem a bit generic, yeah.  Aquafall’s world makes up for that somewhat, but it’s still not enough to make up for the dull pace of this episode.

This series does seem very promising though, so… who knows, I might end up blogging this series if nothing else catches my eye this season.  I just hope Zettai Bouei Leviathan manages to find its pace quickly.  Otherwise it’ll continue to be a fairly unoffensive, though somewhat dull show.  Gotta say, though; I wasn’t expecting that transformation scene.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

You guys need to get your priorities straight…