At a time roughly thousands of years from the present, the Human Galactic Alliance are forever engaged in a war against some nasties known as the ‘Hidiaazu’ (Hideous?). A young soldier, Red (Led? Reddo?) has completed the necessary service hours to be granted what constitutes a reward in this society – the ‘right to sleep, eat and reproduce freely’, but he seems much more interesting in dedicating himself to the war. On one ill-fated mission he and his AI space-craft (Chamber) are knocked off course and sucked into a worm hole, hurtling through time and space to a small, primitive planet that was thought to exist only in legends. The landscape, culture and language are completely unfamiliar to him – which is ironic, because Chamber is able to tell him that the planet is the original starting point of humanity, in other words, Earth.

Amy is adorable and I look forward to seeing her guaranteed figures incarnations.

I’m really not a fan of mecha or robots in space at all (in fact I can’t even muster up the energy to review Majestic Prince because I can’t seem to find anything to say other than ‘well that sure was a mecha show with robots in space’) but I don’t think it’s too early to conclude that we have something special on our hands here. Obviously, anything Gen Urobuchi is involved with is sure to be out of the ordinary and I fully anticipate the requisite plot twists and emotional turmoil later on, but even this first episode is off to a strong start.
I like the spin on the classic ‘ordinary teen thrust into war they don’t understand!’ trope, with a teenage soldier thrust into a world of peace they understand even less. Also, having the ‘alien who comes from another world’ as the main character makes for a nice touch. Although, the earth in this story is pretty unfamiliar itself – whilst it was stated that Red travelled through both space and time, this Earth is still clearly in the future, in a time where most of (if not all) the planet’s surface is covered with water. I’m very curious about the situation in both this future Earth and the Human Galactic Alliance (which sounds positively dystopian and creepy what with all the brain-washing videos and endless military activity…the fact that Red was so surprised at the mere notion of a planet with breathable atmosphere – let alone water – is also very telling.),
Whilst, design-wise, Red is quite nice, it’s a bit hard to really get a good grasp of his personality at this point…although I’m going to guess that ‘personality’ is not something really afforded in the Human Galactic Alliance, and that it’s going to be come out slowly through his interaction with the puzzlingly (to him) peaceful Earth. Meanwhile, the adorable Amy bursts with personality and vigor and just watching her run around and jump on things is really fun. The other people she interacts with, particularly the blond mechanic Pinion, seem to be quite the fun cast.
I’m excited for this series. For some reason the second episode is already out, so if I do end up blogging it (which I can’t guarantee; it’s likely I might not be able to do anything this season) I’ll do a batch review for the 2nd and 3rd episodes.

Pinion is such a giant dork I think he’s my favourite already. Being voiced by Kamina helps.

Out of 5,