This Show With The Stupidly Long Title Was Underwhelming As Expected

Ah, the days of one’s youth, like the scent of fresh lemon said to be the best time of our lives, a time which we will never have again so that we should make the most of it. But, according to Hikigaya Hachiman, everyone is a bunch of deluded liars because he is a giant emo teenager who thinks he is so much better than everyone else. I hate him already. One of his teachers is getting real tired of his shit so decides to force him into a club (the volunteer club)where the school’s most beautiful girl is. And then some other annoying girl comes along and they bake cookies.

hey ToraDora called Ryuuji wants his face back. He was also a decent character.

‘Wow!’ said a bunch of people who seem to have forgotten nearly every school anime produced in the wake of Haruhi. ‘A cynical, sarcastic male lead! This is so fresh and new! The way he has cynical internal monologues about everything that happens is like nothing I have ever seen in a million other boring school anime!’
This would be annoying enough on its own, but with this show, the guys shitty personality is literally the plot. Whilst it’s nice that the story is aware that it’s annoying and a problem and so he needs to change it (at least I hope so, because otherwise it’s pandering to guys with that exact mindset because our unlikeable lead’s entire motivation for his mindset is that he was ‘friendzoned’ once I am fucking serious), the show is just…dull. I don’t care about this guy. I don’t care about that girl. And I care about that other girl even less. Why are they making cookies? When did they become friends? You want to know who is also cynical? Me, and about the endless stream of highschool anime with boring characters.
When I was watching Gargantia, I was amazed at how quickly the time passed. When I was watching this, I had to keep checking how much time was left, and it took me two days to finish the episode because I couldn’t do it in one sitting. It’s fine to have an episode to set things up, but it still felt like almost nothing happened in this one except for some uninteresting characters trying to be witty by bouncing dialogue off each other that is apparently funny because it’s not what you expect characters in a love comedy to say.
It sounds like I’m really slamming this, but it wasn’t bad. It was just really, really average, and I had to remind myself about what even happened because I forgot. If you are somehow not tired of school anime that don’t bother to try anything different then you might enjoy it – who knows, it could go places – but I’ll be right.

its funny because he is cynical about cookies!! Orangey was annoying as hell too. Our lead girl didn’t seem like too bad a character though, to be honest.

Out of 5,