I think the only good thing that came out of this episode was this one scene.


In modern day Japan, there is a young man who has just started high school, but he finds out that his middle school bully is also going to this school; and so ends up getting bullied and it’s really sad okay.  In an alternate universe which is ruled solely through a matriarchy, there is another young man who must pose as a princess because of some divine bullshit legacy or something and it’s also really… sad? I guess??

Gotta admit though, the series did a good job of making Arata look like a girl.

Also, they are both named Arata.  So you can already guess where this is going.

Fantasy-world-Arata ends up meeting with the Princess during the succession ceremony, but oh noes her Twelve Shinsho end up assassinating her because they want to take over the country now!  So Arata ends up having to book it because the Twelve Shinsho end up framing him for the murder.  Arata ends up running to this magical forest and somehow the two Arata’s get soul-switched so now Tokyo-Arata finds himself in a magical world where almost everyone wants to kill him.

The Princess looks like a way more interesting character than the rest of all the other characters combined. Too bad that means she gets killed–IMMEDIATELY.

Mr. Villian is just your typical brooding bishonen. How original.

But fortunately he ends up finding a magical ancient sword that he’s… somehow inexplicably able to use because PLOT REASONS and asdfkjsd;fkd this series just makes me really mad for some reason okay.

My Opinion:

I’m sorry the summary isn’t one of the most serious ones I’ve written, but there are just so many things I found aggravating about this episode.  This episode was incomprehensible–but not in the artsy way.  Oh no, it was just incomprehensible in a stupid kind of way.

First of all, I really wished they could have explained the Princess Ceremony and all that in more detail.  Because they just kind of rushed over it and it ended up raising a lot of questions.  The biggest is, why did Arata have to go through with the Princess Ceremony, of all people?  I know they say the clan hasn’t had a daughter in 30 years, but WHAT ABOUT ARATA’S SERVANT, KOTOHA?!  She LOOKS the same age as him, so… what’s up with that?  Do the people in this world just age really slowly?  Is she from another clan?  Why must a daughter be offered up from Arata’s clan specifically?

And also, if it HAD to be a girl, couldn’t they just offer up Kotoha?  I know she’s just a servant but at least she’s ACTUALLY A GIRL.  Since, you know, only girls can succeed because of some vague bullshit.  I’m guessing that the Princess’ successor must have some form of magic or something (that only gets passed down through females), but then again… WHY NOT JUST USE KOTOHA?!  She’s straight up SHOWN in the episode to possess magic, so… wtf?!

Also, the Princess has been shown to have been waiting for 30 years already, so, like… couldn’t she have waited a little longer or something?  Unless her energy was draining by that point (which I assume it was), so they needed a successor now? But then that brings me back to the question of, why Arata’s village specifically?  And why Arata???  If all this stupid bullshit was just to kick off the soul-switching incident then there’s a much more coherent way of doing so.  Seriously, the more I think about this series of events, the angrier I get.

And how the hell is Tokyo-Arata able to use the ancient, magical artifact?  I know there’s some more bullshit about how “ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN USE IT” but the episode already insulted me so much with its stupid princess plot that this “big reveal” just made me want to throw something at the screen.  I know that Tokyo-Arata needed SOMETHING to defend himself with in this new fantasy world, but holy shit this is the most shoe-horned plot device I’ve ever seen.  Not only is it clichéd as all get-out, it’s also just a bit too plot-convenient for me to accept readily.

Even though this episode was only 20-something minutes long, the episode just dragged for me.  And look at all the bullshit that happened this episode! I don’t understand how an episode with so much plot going on manages to be so dull! Oh wait, that’s ‘cause the plot is really dumb.

Overall… yeah, I just hated this first episode.  The animation is simply average, and the characters are all looking like massive walking clichés at this point.  I won’t even bother with this series.  Apparently this is based on a manga series by Yuu Watase, who did the Fushigi Yugi series previously.  I’ve never actually read anything by Yuu Watase, so I don’t know if this type of thing is standard for her work.  Maybe the anime just makes the story out to be a lot dumber than it is, but there’s still no denying how awful of a first episode THAT was.

Out of five:

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Arata has gained Sword of Plot Convenience!