Hataraku Maou-sama/The Devil is a Part-Timer! Episode 2

As with all series that are at the top of my “what I’m going to review this season” list, I’m going to review the second episode of Hataraku Maou-sama.  Will it continue to hold my interest?  Let’s find out!

I really love Emilia’s emotive ahoge.


Continuing on from last episode, Maou is confronted by Emilia the hero.  Yes, the same hero that forced him to escape to our world.  They end up getting into a small scuffle when Emilia pulls a knife on him, and are only stopped by the police.  Maou realizes pretty quickly that Emilia also lost some of her holy powers when she came to this world, as she didn’t bother to use her magic sword.  Nonetheless, Emilia (known as Emi Yusa in this world), claims that she will vanquish him.

I don’t think I can add anything funnier to this cap.

The next night, Emi pays a visit to Maou and Alsiel’s house, and Alsiel is… more than a little surprised.  It’s revealed at this meeting that Emilia was the only one able to make it through the dimensional gate before it closed, so she’s essentially all alone in this world.  She also reveals that she still has some powers left (like Maou and Alsiel), but she’s saving it in order to find a way back to Ente Isla.  The next few nights, Emi ends up spying on the two former demons, but all they do is really mundane crap.

People are already shipping these two on pixiv. It’s kinda hard not to.

A couple nights later, Emi calls Maou out to a meeting place and the two have a discussion.  Based on what she’s observed, Emi wonders if Maou has decided to live peacefully in this world.  If he does so, she’ll have no reason left to kill him as Ente Isla will be safe.  But Maou states that he’s still planning to return to Ente Isla to conquer it.  Suddenly, their discussion is interrupted by a hail of bullets, which Maou and Emi are able to dodge.  After running away, Maou quickly deduces that the bullets were magic, and that someone from Ente Isla must be targeting them.

Maou’s co-worker, Chi. She looks cuter with her hair down, though her personality is pretty awful.
There’s a sub-culture for that, you know.

That night, Emi is forced to stay at Maou’s place because she lost her wallet, and is therefore unable to return home (as she lives in another neighborhood far away).  After she falls asleep, Maou muses to Alsiel that he actually feels rather sorry for Emi because she’s all alone in this world.  But his thoughts are interrupted when he suddenly gets two strange text messages—one of which is from his co-worker, Chi.


My Opinion:

In this episode, things slow down a bit and we are introduced to another of our main characters: the hero Emilia.  Even so, the series still manages to keep things funny and interesting.

Right away, we’re shown that Emilia is much more… well, I don’t know if I’d call it “successful,” but she’s definitely better off compared to the two former demon-lords with their shabby apartment.  She has a steady job working in service for some big company, but she’s still shown to be very frugal with what she buys.  However, I still admire how capable she is.  She came to modern day Japan all alone, and yet she was able to learn the language quickly, and able to find a job quickly and get used to the modern world in about the same amount of time it took Maou to get a job at MgRonald’s.  That’s pretty amazing.

Although Emilia is sort of playing the “tsundere” card straight at this point, there’s something about her character that is so appealing to me, despite the fact that I’m not very fond of tsunderes in anime usually.  I suppose it’s because she’s shown to have a much more complex personality beyond that, and her “tsundere” attitude towards Maou is only because of the fact that he was a former demon who tried to take over her country.  I mean, if you knew someone like THAT I’m sure you’d have a hard time warming up to them also, no matter how much they may have changed within that span of time.  At this point though, it seems like the series is setting up to ship Emi and Maou pretty hard in later episodes.

I ended up talking about Emi a lot, whoops.  But that’s mainly because the focus was on her most of this episode.  However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to see a lot of Maou’s more subtle bits of character either.  Alsiel… not so much, but Maou is definitely showing his off his “softer” side.  I have to wonder—was Maou this “honorable” when he was still “Satan”?  Alsiel’s comment at the end heavily implies that he may have changed.  For better or worse, we’ve yet to see.

Overall, I thought this was a good episode.  It’s not as hectic as the last episode, and the tone is a bit more serious so there’s not as much comedy; but I still found it very entertaining to watch.  The next episode seems to deal with Maou’s co-worker Chi, which I’m not really looking forward to.  Chi just strikes me as very annoying (huge gag boobs aside), with her ultra-jealous personality.  But who knows, maybe she could turn out pretty endearing too.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Definitely going to blog this for the spring anime season.  Now to see if Mushibugyou keeps my interest.

Hey, we finally get an ED theme this episode! Still no OP theme yet.

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