My last of the First Impressions for this season. And it’s another anime short!

The OP seems to feature crabs pretty heavily. I get the feeling that will be some sort of in-joke that will be explained later. Or at least, I hope so.


Ayuko is going to start high school soon.  So she spends her last free day by relaxing and eating ice cream outside of a snacks shop.  There, she ends up bumping into two girls.  Or rather, they end up bumping into HER.

Ayuko has a really nice house.

I didn’t even know they made Taiyaki in spicy flavor…

The next day at school, Ayuko again meets the two girls.  The more mature blonde-haired girl is named Saki, while the somewhat eccentric red-haired girl is named Kanaka.  Although Kanaka seems to find joy in teasing the somewhat reserved Ayuko, it appears that Ayuko will become fast friends with the two other high-schoolers.

I’ll say.

My Opinion:

This is a series consisting of three minute shorts, which is a shame actually.  The summary for this anime wasn’t kidding when it said “a series about girls who do nothing in particular.”  These girls really don’t do anything too spectacular.  But nonetheless, I found them relaxing to watch.  But it makes me wish the episodes were longer so I could gauge exactly how good this series is.

With what I’ve seen so far, the girls do fall into your typical character archetypes.  And the jokes so far aren’t exactly laugh out loud funny.  But there’s just something about them that seem very charming.  Not going to lie, I think these girls are pretty adorable.  I think the main reason why I’m not so annoyed by this series compared to others in the same vein is that this series is very subdued.  The atmosphere is very calm, unlike the fast-paced and loud characters in other “girls who do X” anime.  This series probably knows it isn’t very funny, so instead it just goes along at its own pace.  And… I dunno, I kind of like that sort of honesty.

Also, the animation is quite lovely to look at–a rare sight to see in these anime shorts.

Overall, yeah; I doubt that this series is going to be a big hit or anything.  But if you’re just looking for something to relax with at the end of the day, Aiura is a nice quick watch.  And if you don’t like it, well… the worst that could happen is that you’ve wasted three minutes of your life.

Out of five (grading both episodes together):

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


Sorry that this review is so short. But it’s not like there’s much I can really talk about with a series like this…


Kanaka’s backpack…