Ultimate Madoka Figma by Max Factory

A little bit later than I wanted, but the review’s finally up!

I won’t talk much about Ultimate Madoka (or as some people like to call her, “Godoka”) herself, as her whole existence is spoilery within the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe.  So I’ll instead just talk about the figure.  Like with the Princess of the Crystal figma, this is one figure that I immediately jumped at when pre-orders opened.  It’s probably not too far-fetched when I say that this is probably the nicest and most complex looking figma out there.  Unfortunately, that also ends up making it a bit of a pain to deal with, but I’ll get to that later.

This box was almost too pretty to open. Almost.

Max Factory really went all out with this figure.  The box itself is also very beautiful, as it makes use of a metallic looking paint that shines in the light.  And there are roses on the plastic cover too!  The back inside of the box features Madoka’s magic circles super-imposed over an image of a galaxy.  Fitting, given how Ultimate Madoka first appears.

Nice of GSC to give us some extra arrows in case they get lost/broken.

The extras that come with this figma are kind of skimpy compared to the extras other figmas get, but the sheer size of Madoka’s dress/hair makes up for that alone.  Anyway, her extras are: two arrows for her shooting pose; two arrows just for holding; her signature bow; an angry/determined expression; and eight extra hands.  So she has ten hands in total.  They are: her normal set of hands (open, with fingers spread apart); another set of open hands (fingers close together); fists; grasping hands (to hold other figma items); and finally a special set of hands for her to pose with the bow and arrow.

Back shot!
Profile shot!

I really don’t think you anyone can be mad about the lack of extras she’s included with, because LOOK AT THAT DRESS!  And her hair!  And her wings!  Everything is really beautifully sculpted.  Hell, just look at how many folds are in that dress!  And the ruffles of her sleeves!  The paint job is just as lovely, with a solid, shiny white paint for most of her dress, and softer, pearly looking paint for the rest of her dress and her stockings/shoes.  Ultimate Madoka may not have the most varied color scheme (she’s composed mostly of white and pinks and a bit of purple), but it ends up giving her a very elegant look.

Her choker’s actually white in most official art, but ah well. (It’s a tad pinkish on the figure)

And of course, no expense was spared on her face.  The camera doesn’t capture it well, but I think her eyes are a bit shinier than other figmas—at least, the ones I own (which are just Mami and the Princess of the Crystal).

Apart from the dress, her winged feet are my favorite part of the figma. It’s really cute!

The inside of her dress is also nicely painted, though I can see some people griping about this.  In the anime, the inside of her dress was basically THE UNIVERSE.  So obviously I’m going to cut the figure producers some slack.  You can tell that they tried their best.  It looks like white flecks of paint have been splattered onto the figure (to simulate the randomness of stars), but even so, all the circles are perfectly round.  Considering the size of the paint specks, I think that’s an amazing feat.

Look at the painting on the wings! It’s transparent at the base, with a slight pinkish gradient at the very tips. Now that’s detail.

When the Ultimate Madoka figma first arrived to me, she actually came in a few parts.  Madoka herself was in one piece, but you had to assemble the rest of her hair and wings yourself.

BTW the hair that’s actually already attached to the figure itself is made of flexible plastic.

The figma producers did kind of novel thing with Ultimate Madoka’s design.  Instead of having the wings be attached to her back, it’s instead attached to part of her hair.  The other strands of hair are also obviously attached here (there’s another peg on the other side for the third strand).  This setup looks a bit bulky in the picture without the strands of hair (and wings) attached to it, but fear not.  Once everything’s in place, it’s actually pretty well-hidden.

“It feels rather nice not having to deal with all that hair!”

Here’s what Godoka looks like without the extra strands of hair and the wings.  I think she still looks pretty cute.

Now onto some negative points about the figure.

I posed her feet so you can’t see her panties. No panty-shot for you guys!

Godoka’s dress is actually separated into three parts, though it’s not like you can pose them too much.  Sure, you can shift them about to make posing her legs easier, but you can’t spread the dress pieces too far apart, otherwise it just looks really bad.  Also, the dress being separated into parts also means that it requires very large joints to hold in place just due to the sheer size of the dress.  It’s not so bad on the middle/back part of the dress, but the sides have some pretty glaring joints (which you can see on frontal shots of the figure).

In that picture above, you’ll also notice a large hole in the back of her dress, which poses another big problem.  It’s meant for her stand.  And yes, there are problems with the figma stand even now.

What happens when the god of the universe throws a tantrum?

I knew from the beginning that the Ultimate Madoka figma would be really heavy.  (Just look at all that plastic!)  So you can imagine my disappointment when all I got was the regular figma stand.  The figma stand actually holds up pretty well after playing around with it a bit, though I still really wish that we could have gotten something sturdier.  It requires sort of a delicate balancing act (and a lot of practice/patience) to get her to stand without toppling over.  If her center of balance is nudged just slightly off, then the whole stand completely topples over due to the sheer weight of Godoka.  Hey, no one said wearing a dress like that would be easy.

The picture above was taken also to show off her range of arm/leg movement which… isn’t much.  This figma is probably one of the least poseable ones due to just how restrictive her huge dress is.  Not to mention her hair and wings.  So this figma is really more for display than anything else.  She’s still pretty fun to pose and stuff, but just be warned that she’s not as poseable as something like the Mami figma.

Taking a break from flying.

You can actually display her without the stand, if you wish.  But I personally don’t think it looks as nice.  Plus, it takes up space.


A lot of space.

“come at me bro”

A small downside for me personally was that she only comes with two faces.  Most figmas nowadays get at least three.  While it’s understandable that Godoka only has two faces, since those were her only two expressions in the anime; I still kind of wished that they had included a serene, closed-eye face.  It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but it would have been nice.

Destroying witches and taking names.

And here she is posed with the bow and arrow.  I really love displaying her like this.  Much less boring than just having her hovering around.  The bow and arrow fit nicely into the special set of hands made specifically for this.  And I don’t think it needs to be said that the bow and arrows are really beautifully sculpted and painted.

If I didn’t already own Mami, and had to choose just one of the Puella Magi girls to buy, I’d totally buy Ultimate Madoka.  She’s a gorgeous figma, and honestly by far one of the nicest looking figures I own currently.  All the little details in her dress are accurate to the anime (except for the pink choker but that’s honestly not that big of a deal to me).  Of course, it goes without saying that you need a little bit of character love to want to buy this figma.

Size comparison with Mami. I think her proportions are slightly bigger than Mami’s, though that may just be an illusion due to the size of her dress.

Ultimate Madoka is one of the pricier figmas out there, being listed at 4800 JPY on the GoodSmile Company website.  Her box is also very big, meaning that if you’re importing, shipping prices are going to be killer.  She’s also not very poseable, and I would not at all recommend this to first-time figma owners.  This figma requires a lot of patience to pose, and she has a lot of sharp points making posing her literally a pain at times.

But for me, it’s all worth it in the end.

Out of five for this figma I give it a:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Goddesses/Princesses of the most annoying dresses to deal with in the figma world. (But I still love them)

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Madoka Figma by Max Factory

  1. anon April 30, 2013 / 2:18 am

    Actually, Max Factory makes the figmas. Goodsmile does nendoroids.

    • Ariana April 30, 2013 / 2:06 pm

      Updated the review! GSC is still the distributor of figmas so I guess I just assumed that it was being produced by GSC too.

  2. Nopy May 2, 2013 / 4:57 am

    I’m surprised that they made a figma that takes that much space, but it certainly helps give Ultimate Madoka her goddess-like look.

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen a figure where the wings were attached to the hair instead of the back. I guess it just makes it easier for the manufacturer as well as the person putting the pieces together.

    • Ariana May 2, 2013 / 2:24 pm

      Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen a figure with the wings attached to the hair too. I’m pretty sure the scale pvc figure of Ultimate Madoka has wings attached to her back. I suppose the sculptors just went this route with the figma so that she’d be easier to pose, and you don’t have to worry about her hair getting in the way of the wings since it’s all pretty much one piece now.

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