“My Lord, you’re disturbing the other customers!”


This week, we get somewhat of a breather episode.  While the high priests wonder what to do about Orba’s betrayal back in Ente Isla, Sadao and gang are once again concerned with finding out sources of magic to return to Ente Isla.  And, oh yeah, Lucifer lives with them now, under the name Urushihara.  Urushihara turns out to be pretty good with computers, and points Sadao and Ashiya towards Chiho’s school, where there’s a haunted classroom.  He suggests to them that the classroom may hold the presence of a Gate.

Mysterious new lady (who is totally not the new character introduced at the end of this episode, nope).

Satan’s making his way up the social ladder.

One night, Sadao and Ashiya pay a visit to the school to search out this classroom, with Chiho tagging along to help.  They end up meeting up with Emi, who is still monitoring their activities.  After some small shenanigans, Sadao and co. manage to find the classroom and… it turns out that this was the place where Urushihara initially stayed while he was still working with Orba.  And it turns out that Urushihara made them go through all of this just to receive his game console.

So Lucifer’s a NEET now?

Ashiya/Alsiel really needs more screentime.

Not long after, Sadao returns home from work to find that a new tenant has moved in next door.  He also finds a strange young woman who had been eavesdropping at his door, who ends up falling down the stairs and faints in his arms.

My Opinion:

Before I forget, since I totally forgot to mention it last time; we have a proper opening sequence now!  This episode also marks the appearance of a new ED, and it’s pretty nice.  This episode seemed to me to be a bit more subdued than previous episodes, but the humor is fortunately still as good as ever.

There’s really not much to say about this episode.  We get some beginning hints at a possible new villain, but story-wise, there’s not much else.  I wouldn’t say that this makes this a bad episode, though.  It was nice to just see Sadao and the other characters interacting.  Now that Chiho knows about Sadao’s secret, it appears she’ll be along for the ride also.  And Lucifer/Urushihara manages to be a pretty endearing character despite the crap he pulled last episode.

Overall, this episode was short, fun, and silly.  I really wish I could say more, but really; it’s just more of what you’ve come to expect from a series like this.  Even with the last episode being what it was, I think Hataraku Maou-sama still manages to be fairly good.  There’s yet another new character introduced at the end of this episode.  With the writing being as good as it is so far, I’m sure she’ll turn out to be very interesting also.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

“Okay but who the hell are you and why are you eavesdropping on my apartment”