Jinbei’s fanboying over Mugai is actually pretty adorable I guess. Though that just really opens the doors to a lot of fanart/fanfic haha…


Jinbei gets sent off on a mission with Mugai to eradicate bugs at a Minister’s mansion, and he is completely ecstatic about it.  Mugai, however, remains completely indifferent to the younger boy’s presence.  At the mansion, Jinbei and Mugai find out that there is a serious infestation of giant fleas.  Although Jinbei manages to dispatch one of the larvae, the male parent soon appears.  Meanwhile, the female flea appears in the kitchen, trapping one of the servants.

Okay, I know this is a Shonen series but Mugai’s sword is ridiculous. …Just like everything else about him.

Oh dear god, all the fanfics that would arise out of this…

While Mugai deals with the babies and the father flea, Jinbei rushes over (despite Mugai telling him not to) to the kitchen.  Amazingly, Jinbei is able to hold his own against the mother flea, though ends up getting stabbed in the gut when he tries to save the servant boy.  When Mugai arrives on the scene (after having killed off the father flea), he sees that Jinbei is still alive, whilst holding off the mother flea’s attack.  Mugai quickly finishes off the flea, and the day is saved.

Mugai’s Magnificent Bastard Level: 1000

On their way home (Jinbei miraculously survives the attack with only minor injuries…somehow), Jinbei asks Mugai why Mugai decided to bring him along.  Although Mugai’s initial reasoning was “he’s the weakest so if he dies, he’ll be easily replaced,” Mugai decides not to tell Jinbei this.


My Opinion:

I thought this episode was pretty good, but seriously, how the hell did Jinbei survive that?  Even for a shonen series, that is stretching the limits of suspension of disbelief.  Did Jinbei survive through sheer force of will?  In which case, Jinbei is probably the most badass character in the whole damn series.

Not much happened during this episode, except lots of fighting.  While Mugai’s fight scenes were cool, he kills off the bugs with such ease that it’s not as entertaining to watch.  Jinbei’s fights are lengthier and (imo) better choreographed.  In this episode, we get to see how good of a fighter Jinbei really is.  He definitely needs more practice when compared to his other teammates, but he’s a fairly good swordsman all on his own.

Not much of Mugai is revealed here.  I suppose they’re going to keep him ~mysterious~ for just a while longer, though we do get to see a bit of his past via the blonde chick that appears this episode.  And once again, I have to complain about the fanservice.  Seriously, that whole scene at the beginning was completely unnecessary.  I really wish Haru had more of an actual impact on the story instead of just being relegated to being Miss Fanservice and The Damsel in Distress.  It’s kind of sad.  I guess I should just be thankful that we have a female fighter (Hibachi) on the team AT ALL, but sheesh.

Anyway, this episode was a fun watch.  Not much plot and a lot of action; just like a regular shonen series.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Jinbei: the indestructible Shonen lead.