Surely yours is a noble cause, Mr. Creepy Mask Man.


A mysterious masked man descends on the Insect Magistrate’s compound in search of hidden knowledge in the archives.  Unfortunately for him, he gets found out by Hibachi and Jinbei as they are in the midst of an argument (…about Mugai. What else?).  When he’s brought into Kotori’s office for questioning, he claims that his name is Nagatomi Maru.  Hibachi removes his mask in anger and Kotori seems to recognize the man.  Kotori decides to let Nagatomi go without punishment, and tasks Jinbei with escorting him home.

An “insect otaku” I should clarify. Not an anime otaku.

Hibachi, you have bad taste in men.

On the way home, the two end up meeting with a giant mosquito.  Nagatomi deludes himself into believing that it’s all just a dream, and nearly gets murdered by the mosquito for it.  Jinbei ends up getting stabbed in the arm trying to protect Nagatomi.  Jinbei, realizing the vast knowledge that Nagatomi holds due to their conversation before, asks Nagatomi for help in vanquishing the mosquito.  Nagatomi is touched, as this is the first time he’s seen such honesty.  As he is the son of a Shogun, he’s grown tired of being lied to by his father’s underlings, simply because of his position.  That’s why he dons a mask.

Nagatomi, do you have a death wish?

Putting faith in Jinbei, Nagatomi’s knowledge ends up saving both their lives.  The two later have a party in the middle of the night at the Insect Magistrate’s Headquarters.  After everyone’s asleep, Nagatomi sneaks away to the archives, and finds some unsettling information.  Kotori confronts Nagatomi at this point, and offers a deal: he won’t reveal Nagatomi’s true identity (as the son of a shogun) if Nagatomi agrees not to reveal what he’s seen.  Nagatomi agrees—though on one extra condition: that he gets to see Jinbei every day from then on.  Kotori reluctantly agrees to this, and the deal is sealed.  It appears that the Insect Magistrate’s Office has gained yet another strange character.

“What secrets do you hold, oh mysterious scroll?”

My Opinion:

I admit, Nagatomi’s whining and ranting did get a little bit annoying at parts, but this episode was still pretty good.

I didn’t like Nagatomi very much in the beginning, just because he inner monologues in this one episode more than all the characters in this whole series have combined.  But he did grow on me by the end.  Sure, he’s still somewhat self-centered, and is a freaking huge dork; but his friendship of sorts with Jinbei is really sweet.  I get the feeling that all he really needed was a friend to help him become less… well, whatever he is now.

Jinbei continues to get injured in really painful ways and recover from it 100% just due to the power of bandages.  Because this is a shonen series.  I hope the series doesn’t end up abusing this trope every single episode from now on, because there’s going to be a point where it’s just gonna be ridiculous.  But hey!  No fanservice this episode!  (Amazingly!)

Overall, this was a decent episode.  It’s not the best but it’s not the worst this series has had.  With the introduction of Nagatomi, I’m hoping that gets all the character introduction episodes out of the way, so we can finally move on to the actual plot of the series.  I really don’t mind all the character introduction episodes, but seeing as this series is only 12 episodes long (for now?), I just don’t want the producers to rush through the story towards the end.  Far too many anime series have been ruined in that manner.

Out of five for this episode:

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Admit it; you probably wanted to do this to him at some point too.