(Joujuu Senjinn!!) Mushibugyou Episode 7

Sorry for the somewhat erratic update schedule lately—my life’s been pretty hectic.  I’m going to do Hataraku Maou-sama episodes 7 and 8 as a batch review since Mushibugyou is way easier (and faster) for me to do reviews of.

Just a giant rampaging beetle, nothing to see here folks.


It’s summertime!  And that means giant beetles!  One of them rampages through Edo, and Mugai is left to fight it alone.  (Spoilers: he defeats it pretty easily)  Meanwhile, Jinbei accidentally gets left behind, and ends up meeting the Head Magistrate herself (though he doesn’t realize it).  Instead of going to see the fireworks with the other magistrate officers, he decides to spend the night watching fireworks with Miss Head Magistrate in the watchtower of the Mushibugyou compound.  Touched by his kindness towards her, Miss Head Magistrate gives Jinbei one of her bells, right before retreating back to her chambers in preparation for some kind of ritual.

This episode seriously makes me question if Mugai is human.
I really like Miss Head Magistrate’s design!
In this episode, we finally see Jinbei in something other than his red kimono.
One final spectacular firework of the night courtesy of Hibachi.

My Opinion:

You can probably guess by my summary that this wasn’t a really plot-heavy episode.  There is a lot of fighting, and the main focus is more on Mugai, so if you’re a Mugai fan then this episode’s for you.  We’re introduced to yet another new character this episode: the Head Magistrate.  Not going to lie, when I first saw her (on the artwork cover for manga volume 5) I thought she was a dude.  Whoops.

So far, there’s not too much revealed about Miss Head Magistrate, other than that she’s very ~mysterious~ and seems to have some sort of condition.  It seems like she has a very fragile body, since she was forced to wear gloves just going outside.  She also seems to know the movement of the rampaging insects very well, despite never having stepped foot outside of the magistrate compound.  I really hope the anime explains this somehow in the remaining episodes.  I also hope we get to see more of her (interacting with Jinbei)!

Overall, a decent episode, even if it feels a bit like filler at some points.  It was a fun watch, and I guess sort of a breather episode compared to the more serious ones we’ve had up to this point.  And here I thought Mugai couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

*loudly whispers into the night* I SHIP THEM……………………

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