(Joujuu Senjin!!) Mushibugyou Episode 8

Getting this review up early because why not.

Pictured: Me whenever summer rolls around.


Every summer, the Head Magistrate goes to a hidden location only known as the Refuge.  The head of the Insect Hunters group tasks a woman named Mitsuki with finding its location so that they can kill the Head Magistrate.  Mitsuki is able to control insects with her flutes, and calls upon many of them to rampage in Edo to tire out the Magistrate Officers.  After singling out Jinbei, she attempts to use her feminine wiles to get him to spill the beans, but finds herself “beaten” by Haru.

I just think this cap was really cute okay. (Also, I guess even Jinbei’s unable to resist feminine charms…)
No one can beat Haru! (at least, when it comes to those… melons…)

In anger, she kidnaps Haru and lures Jinbei out of Edo and into a trap—a literal one at that!  With the help of her insects, Mitsuki has created a giant sand pit.  After Jinbei falls into it, he manages to meet up with Haru and the two attempt to find a way out of the sand pit.  All the while, Jinbei still believes that Mitsuki is a good person at heart.  Jinbei’s unstoppable idiocy optimism ends up pissing off Mitsuki, and she ends up recalling all her bugs from Edo in order to attack Jinbei.  Unfortunately for her, that draws the attention of the other Magistrate Officers, and they are able to make quick work of her insects, forcing Mitsuki to run.

Not going to lie, I think Mitsuki’s fabulous.

Even though Mitsuki wasn’t able to find out the location of the Refuge, it appears her superiors where able to find the location anyway.  They quickly make their way to a small, deserted island, putting Miss Head Magistrate’s life in danger.

Well this group certainly looks… interesting…

My Opinion:

I rather liked this episode, fanservice shenanigans aside.  It shows off Jinbei’s naivety perfectly.  Jinbei, you’re an idiot, but you somehow manage to make it seem endearing at the same time.

Even though I didn’t like Mitsuki too much when she first appeared (because she felt like such fanservice material), I actually ended up becoming somewhat fond of her after this episode.  She’s got a horrid personality, sure.  But I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.  Having worked with the other Insect Hunters must not have been fun, since she just seems to be “the lackey” of the group.  And her leader had no qualms about killing her for having failed a mission.  Maybe it was the group’s antagonistic atmosphere that made Mugai leave in the first place?  For being Insect Hunters, they sure have no problem with using insects to further their own agenda, even if it means causing destruction for the common folk.

Overall, this was a decent episode.  It was cute, funny, and a little bit silly; but it was still entertaining enough.  I’m just a little sad that Jinbei/Haru will mostly likely be the official couple, as shown by their interactions in this episode.  I’m still leaning a bit towards Jinbei/Miss Head Magistrate, but whatever.

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


These two really are perfect for each other, aren’t they?

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