Rika are you planning a meeting or a war.


Rika drags Emi and Suzuno to the Sentucky’s restaurant opposite of Sadao’s MgRonalds in an attempt to work out this “lover’s quarrel.”  Once there, they end up encountering Ashiya who had been sent by Sadao to “gather intell” on the Sentucky’s restaurant.  Thanks to Ashiya’s help, Emi is able to finally convince Rika that she is not in fact in love with Sadao—though Ashiya’s story very nearly crosses the line into absurdity.

Lucifer wants no part in your fast-food soap opera.

Emi, you do realize we’re talking about ASHIYA here, right?

After a quick snack at the Sentucky’s, Rika drags Emi and Suzuno to the MgRonalds in order to see the famed Sadao in person.  With the Sentucky’s having just opened up, the MgRonalds business is suffering.  Though thankfully, a last minute plan enacted by Sadao ends up saving the day.

This whole sequence was basically Ashiya’s fanfiction.

I don’t think I can add anything else that can make this screencap better.

My Opinion:

This episode was such a good episode.  I’ve been waiting for this series’ humor to pick up again, and this episode certainly delivered that and so much more.

Although I like Ashiya as a character, it’s also becoming clearer to me now that Ashiya’s dorkiness is what makes the series so fun to watch.  In the last two episodes, he didn’t have much presence because he was ill, but he gets a fairly large amount of screen time here and it is just glorious.  His made-up story about him and Sadao being business rivals with Emi was hilarious.  (And amazingly Rika completely believed them…)  It seems like this episode may set up some possible future romantic plot between Rika and Ashiya, which should be… interesting.

Another thing I feel worth mentioning is Suzuno’s character throughout this whole episode.  She tends to be pretty stoic anyway, but in this episode she was such a deadpan snarker that she’s rocketed to being my third favorite character (after Emilia and Ashiya, of course).  Sadao was pretty funny here, too.  Even though it’s just a fast-food business, Sadao takes his work very seriously.

Overall, there’s not much to talk about for this episode, as the whole premise of it was pretty ridiculous (Satan angsting over how to defeat fast-food giant Sentucky).  But I think it’s partially due to such a ridiculous premise that this episode was so humorous compared to the last two, far more serious, episodes.  It’s nice that Hataraku Maou-Sama has a fairly decent plot; but even if it were just silly fast-food shenanigans like this, I’d totally still watch this series.

Anyway out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Honestly, Chiho? It’s probably for the best that you don’t know…