(Joujuu Senjin!!) Mushibugyou Episode 10

There are SPOILERS, obviously.

Most of my caps for this episode ended up featuring Miss Magistrate, whoops


Continuing on from last time, Mugai and Koikawa duke it out!  But Mugai refuses to fight, and Koikawa quickly realizes that Mugai couldn’t have possibly been the one to kill his mother.  Mugai seems to know who did though, but he refuses to tell Koikawa at this time as there are “more important matters.”

Back at the temple, Jinbei quickly gets his ass handed to him by three of the Insect Hunters.  Miss Magistrate briefly reflects on her condition: because of her poisonous body, any bare contact with her skin would kill a person.  She feels that she owes Jinbei some gratitude because he treated her so warmly whereas others’ would fear her.  In anger, she unleashes the full might of her powers, even gaining large purple butterfly wings.  The Insect Hunters refer to this form as “Kuroageha.”  However, even with her tremendous powers, the Insect Hunters have come prepared.  They fire an Insect Slaying Spear at her, managing to break through her powerful poison force field.  A shard from the spear pierces into Miss Magistrate’s chest, suppressing her powers and leaving her as just a normal woman.

Her normal form…
“Don’t ever make me angry. You wouldn’t like it when I’m angry.”
…And her super-powered butterfly form. …Okay.

As the Insect Hunters are about to finish her and Jinbei off, Mugai and the other officers finally make it to the temple.  While Mugai holds off three of the Insect Hunters, Koikawa faces off with his mother’s murderer and is able to defeat him.  The other officers rescue Miss Magistrate and Jinbei and make a run for it.  Unfortunately, they soon all get separated, with Miss Magistrate and an unconscious Jinbei left alone.  Even though she is injured, Miss Magistrate carries Jinbei’s body down the mountain, vowing to stay alive and make it back to Edo.  However, Jinbei looks… a little bit different…

Man, Miss Magistrate’s dress is really long huh…

My Opinion:

I personally thought this episode was great!  I think it mostly has to do with how much I love Miss Magistrate.  That’s not to say that it didn’t get a bit ridiculous at some parts, but… MISS MAGISTRATE WAS SO BADASS…

The ridiculous part of this episode was definitely Miss Magistrate’s transformation.  As cool as it was, I really have to question WHY it happened/how it’s possible in this universe.  I mean, we’ve seen Mugai do some utterly ridiculous things, and Tenma can use what is basically magic.  But this is the first time in this series that we’ve seen anything of this scale.  The Insect Hunters called her “Kuroageha,” which is basically just “Black/Dark Butterfly.”  Whether this is her real name or just a nickname is uncertain at this point.  But I really hope we get some sort of explanation on WHY exactly Miss Magistrate has these powers.  Even if it’s some silly explanation like “it comes from her bloodline” or even “she fell into a pool of poison or something” is preferable to the series never addressing it at all.

Koikawa’s match against his mother’s killer was a bit underwhelming, like pretty much all his other fights so far.  I get that his fight was shortened due to time constraints but come on guys; this was a pretty big thing for Koikawa!  Which also reminds me… we’ve never actually seen Kotori (the glasses dude) actually fight, have we?  He carries around two katana, and has been shown to use them only once–to slice up the document that Nagatomi was reading.  I hope we see some sort of fight scene involving him since he IS the head chief and all.

Also… what is up with Jinbei at the end?  The next-episode previews spoil it a bit and reveal that it’s his “powered up form” which once again pushes Mushibugyou into ridiculous territory; but I’m being optimistic here and hoping that the series will pull it off well.  It’s kind of hard to top Miss Magistrate’s butterfly form anyway.

Overall, a good episode which continues the trend of ACTION, and boy is there lots of it.  This episode gets a lot of extra marks from me simply because of Miss Magistrate.  Yes, I’m totally biased, but she’s so awesome that I don’t really care.  (She’s badass even WITHOUT her powers!)

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2


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