(Joujuu Senjin!!) Mushibugyou Episodes 11 and 12

FINALLY got this review done.  And I guess I was wrong about this being the final review for Mushibugyou.  Turns out that this series is gonna continue on into the summer anime season, hooray!  I’m glad for it, ‘cause I really do love this series so far.  Anyway, onto the review!


Episode 11 Summary:

Continuing on from last time, Miss Magistrate and Jinbei have become separated from the others.  Jinbei is still unconscious, and Miss Magistrate struggles to carry him down the mountain.  Unfortunately, she soon comes face-to-face with one of the Insect Hunters; a spear-wielding man.  Just as he’s about to finish her off, Jinbei re-awakens and quickly defeats him; though Jinbei seems… different.

Back with Mugai, the commotion causes the current Insect Hunter leader to send out the rest of his cronies to help out their teammate, leaving himself and Mugai in a one-on-one battle.  During this fight, the leader casually mentions their blood relationship, though Mugai seems to not want anything to do with his older brother.

Yeah, this is Jinbei’s “powered-up” form. It’s actually kind of cool looking, albeit somewhat silly.

Meanwhile, Hibachi, Tenma, and Koikawa seem to be having trouble battling their counterparts—that is, until Jinbei suddenly appears.  Though THIS Jinbei is only concerned with fighting strong enemies, and nearly kills his friends.  As he is now, Jinbei is strong enough to take on three of the Insect Hunters by himself without breaking a sweat.  Miss Magistrate, upon seeing this, is horrified.  She is afraid that, in his current state, Jinbei might end up destroying himself.  Even though she is currently powerless, she still tries to reach Jinbei to snap him out of his berserk rage.  However, she gets cornered by an Insect Hunter and is nearly killed.  Luckily, Jinbei snaps out of his rage in time to save her.

Spoilers: These three do end up surviving. Though for how much longer in this series is a mystery.

Seeing the destruction, the leader of the Insect Hunters quickly calls for a retreat, and he and his gang run off into the forests.  The Magistrate and Magistrate Officers quickly return back to Edo by boat, their mission completed.

A victory… for now.

Episode 12 Summary:

I’ll say.

Back in Edo, a now-normal Jinbei is surprised to see… his father!  That night (after a joyous party celebrating their victory at Hachijo Island), Jinbei apologizes to his father for being so weak.  Due to this, Jinbei’s father agrees to train Jinbei the next day.  Meanwhile, Miss Magistrate ponders Jinbei’s “transformation” in her compound.  It appears that a piece of her hair (that had gotten into Jinbei’s mouth) was responsible for triggering it.  However, she states that no normal human should react in that way.  Wanting to meet Jinbei and apologize to him for before, Miss Magistrate sneaks out of her compound to try to find him.  She finds him training but loses her nerve to speak to him when Haru appears.

Aw, Jinbei looks so happy whenever talking to his dad.

The next day, Jinbei and his father set out to Mount Fuji to train.  Kotori has only given Jinbei leave for three days, so Jinbei’s father claims that he will teach Jinbei all 36 Tsukishima Techniques in that time.  The first Technique that is taught is the “Fuji Hammer.”  Jinbei’s father ends up creating a slow lava eruption from the top of Mount Fuji using this technique, and tells Jinbei that, unless Jinbei masters this technique in three days in order to stop the lava flow, the villages at the base of the mountain will be destroyed.  With something so large at stake, Jinbei is eager to master the technique.  Although he fails through days one and two, he eventually does master the Fuji Hammer by day three.  However, he no longer has any time to master the other 35 Techniques, though his Father still seems proud of him nonetheless.

This scene just cracked me up. Jinbei’s dad is so badass he roasts meat over LAVA.

Back at the Magistrate Offices, Miss Magistrate thinks back on the night that she tried to meet with Jinbei.  It turns out that she left not because of Haru, but because she realized that hers and Jinbei’s ranks were too far apart; and it would cause trouble for Jinbei if they were caught together.  However, Jinbei’s words (to Haru) rekindle some hope in her.  Jinbei claims that he wants to keep his promise to the girl he met at Hachijo Island—that someday he and she will see the skies of Edo together.  And someday, he’ll be strong enough to meet with the Insect Magistrate.  Keeping this in mind, Miss Magistrate patiently waits alone in her compound for the day when that will come.

Elsewhere, there seems to be a large threat looming over the horizon—far greater than even the Insect Hunters.

My Opinion:

Oh maaaaaan Mushibugyou just keeps getting better and better; I’m really glad I decided to blog this.  Episode 11 was a great ending to a large fighting arc, while Episode 12 gave us a good breather episode.

As much as I loved episode 11, though; I can see it being a bit “duex ex machina.”  Jinbei just suddenly gains this super, powered-up form and he’s so strong he can defeat enemies that his teammates can’t even defeat!  That does make Jinbei’s “berserk mode” a bit overpowered (can it be called “godmoding”?) but it does a good job of driving home the point that he’s REALLY DAMN POWERFUL.  At least in that state.  Also it is triggered by Miss Magistrate’s hair.  Somehow.  Even she’s not too sure about wtf just happened, so hopefully we can clear up this mystery in later episodes.  I do like that they at least address it for now.

I call episode 12 a breather episode because the characters are shown relaxing a bit (just a bit, though) after the biggest battle they’ve had so far.  And Jinbei goes off to train in true shonen hero fashion.  This type of story set-up is pretty common in shonen-type series.  Basically: the hero is weak in the beginning but proves that he can be strong; fights some fights and loses and wins some; eventually there is a BIG battle against many strong enemies and it seems like all hope is lost but the hero somehow manages to bounce back and win; and finally there is a brief rest period where the hero usually trains to try to make himself stronger.  And then the whole cycle repeats.

Still, I was mildly surprised to see Jinbei get shipped off to training so SOON.  Give the dude a rest; he just got beat to within an inch of his life!  Seems like the next episode is a “proper” rest episode so there should be some more happy shenanigans before the next big battle starts.  However, it will probably come rather soon as the next Big Bad has already been introduced.  I hope Hibachi, Tenma, and Koikawa still have more up their sleeves ‘cause they seemed to have a pretty hard time just dealing with the Insect Hunters.  And yet there’s already a new, stronger enemy on the horizon.  As much as I love Jinbei and love to see him grow, I don’t want him to be the sole person who defeats the newer enemies later on.  That’s just boring.

Anyway, these two episodes were pretty great overall.  That’s all I can really say about them.

Out of five for both episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

If Jinbei actually does end up with Miss Magistrate (rather unlikely), I will cry tears of joy. My shiiiiiiip

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