(Joujuu Senjin!!) Mushibugyou Episode 13

This is probably the easiest review I’ve had to write yet.

Oh no she’s cute


A journalist girl named Osono decides to infiltrate a woman’s bath in order to learn more about the Insect Magistrate Officers.  She first meets up with Haru, who talks a bit about Jinbei.  Afterwards, she meets up with Hibachi who talks about the other Magistrate Officers—though mainly just about Mugai.  Later on, Miss Magistrate reminisces about the battle at Hachijo Island, and wonders whether Edo will be safe now that she’s lost her powers.

All the new footage in this episode took place in baths so this is probably the most fanservicey my screencaps will ever get. Also, look at that ahoge on Osono, holy crud.
Hibachi looks really nice with her hair down! She should let it down more often.
Miss Magistrate, on the other hand, looks very nice with her hair up!

My Opinion:

I saw someone on tumblr describe this episode as “a recap episode as an excuse for fanservice” and I… have to agree.

Admittedly, the fanservice wasn’t even THAT bad.  The fanservice in this episode was much tamer than in past episodes, if you can even believe that.  So I wasn’t even annoyed about the bathhouse shenanigans.  No, what annoyed me more was how lazy this episode felt.

I can understand recap episodes, especially since this is the mid-way point between season 1 and 2, but jeeze.  What we get in this episode is basically an extended summary of what happened in episodes 1, 2, and 9 to 11.  And it’s all recycled footage.  The whole recap of episodes 9 to 11 was completely unnecessary, since we’ve JUST SEEN THAT ARC.  It wouldn’t even be so bad if the whole episode wasn’t basically just recycled footage.  If I had to gauge the amount of new stuff in this episode, I think it only clocked in at about five minutes MAX.  That means 3/4ths of this episode was just stuff we’ve seen before.  And that’s terrible.

Overall, you can honestly skip this episode without missing anything important.  Because nothing plot-related actually happens in this episode.  The only good thing about this ep was the introduction of Osono.  I hope she appears again in the later episodes, because if she’s just a one-off character I’m going to be sad…

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2


As much as I like Mushibugyou so far, I can’t even attempt to justify this episode.

It’s understandable that she’d get a really swanky bathtub but DAMN. I want a bathtub like that… :C

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