Time for the Weeaboo Vampire show then.

The Demon World is made up of several districts, each one overseen by a District Boss. One of these bosses is the vampire Staz. Unlike your ‘typical’ vampire (in other words like almost any other vampire in an anime) he is not interested in drinking blood. He is definitely interested in humans, but that’s because he’s a giant nerd who loves anime, manga and games. After all, the creations of humans are apparently just so much better than those of demons. One day, something unexpected occurs – a human girl – Fuyumi – somehow wanders into the demon world.
Staz is overjoyed at meeting this REAL LIVE HUMAN GIRL!!, showering her with questions about her humanness (such as what her favourite manga is), but he is interrupted by another demon who wants to overtake him as District Boss. While he is dealing with this troublemaker, tragedy occurs….Fuyumi is killed  by a carnivorous plant. It’s not the end of her, though, humans who die in the demon world  turn into ghosts, so Staz decides that as long as he has her bones and spirit, there should be a way to bring her back to life.

I’m honestly surprised an anime girl’s skull doesn’t have bigger eye sockets.

I read some of the Blood Lad manga a few months back, and while it’s not the best shonen manga out there (or does it qualify as seinen? Young Ace is a seinen magazine after all) it’s decent enough and has plenty of fun characters. And, so far, the anime adaptation doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong. One could even say that it’s doing things better – the colours in this show look great. There’s a lot of action and flying sound effects, and the whole thing is just very kinetic, for lack of a better word. The backgrounds in the demon world are also nicely done.
To be honest, the FUNKY DEMONS! trope has been wearing itself kind of thin since Soul Eater, though. Yet I cant say Blood Lad exactly feels stale at this point, so I hope it can maintain itself as an entertaining story instead of relying too much on its presentation.
So far, it’s amusing enough- Staz’s joy at meeting a real human girl is a clever parody of weeaboos who idolize japanese girls (right down to asking about favourite manga), and his disinterest in her after she becomes a ghost is perhaps an even more clever parody of otaku who lose interest in girls after they become ‘impure’. (Or am I reading too much into this?) Fuyumi is not particularly special in any way yet, though, and her boobs are pretty ridiculous (being the focal point of large portions of the opening sequence, too). I can only hope this duo ends up more balanced in terms of personality, because at the moment its only Staz that really has one.
The opening also promises lots of flashy battles and various antagonists, although where the story is going with that I can’t say at this point. It’s too early to say if this will be one worth  sticking with (I’m always wary of anime adaptations of long-running and unfinished manga after all) but it looks good and offers a lot of goofy fun so I can safely say it’s at least worth a look.

Ferrets and monster-girls are always good.

Out of 5