Taking a break from first impressions to finally take my turn at reviewing the DR anime.  Due to the nature of this series, there are SPOILERS from here on out.  So big, big SPOILER WARNING!



As Naegi sulks in his room about the current situation, he unexpectedly finds that his bathroom door is stuck.  Monobear quickly pops in to tell him that it’s because his door was ill-fitted and that he’d have to push upward on the handle to open it.  After Monobear leaves (right before teasing Naegi about his bad luck despite being the “super high school level lucky student”), Maizono pays Naegi a visit.  She’s been scared recently because it sounds like someone’s been trying to bust open her door.  The two then agree to switch rooms for that night.

Junko’s character design didn’t appeal to me at first, but I have to admit that she really is cute.

The next day, when Maizono doesn’t show up for breakfast, Naegi rushes to his room to find… Maizono dead.  He ends up fainting and reawakens in the school’s gym.  The other students had gathered there on Monobear’s orders, and he was brought along.  Monobear quickly shows up and informs the students that Maizono was killed by one of them.  But simply killing another student isn’t enough to “graduate” from the school.  In order to fully graduate, the student must commit the “perfect murder.”  After every murder, there will be a courtroom/jury style Class Trial where the students will try to find the murderer.  If the real murderer is found out, then the murderer will be punished.  But if the murderer can’t be found (the wrong person is accused), then the murderer will be set free while the rest of the students are punished.  And by punished Monobear really means “executed.”

Only two episodes in and yet we already have a murder. Also, the pink blood was in the game too, if you wanted to know.

…This scene was pretty much taken verbatim from the game too. Let’s just say that the anime may be following the game a bit TOO closely.

Junko gets angry at Monobear for this, asking why they need to have a Class Trial.  She attacks Monobear, and he kills her by summoning spears from the ceiling and floor.  Now with two classmates dead, the students realize the severity of their situation.  After it’s found out that Maizono was killed in Naegi’s room, everyone quickly becomes suspicious of Naegi.  The students all split into groups to comb the scene of the crime and gather clues.  All too soon Monobear asks the students to gather once again, to start the Class Trial.

Taken out of context without the voice acting, that line sounds really inappropriate.

My Opinion:

Good god this episode was hard to summarize simply because SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED.

The Dangan Ronpa anime is really rushing through things and I wish it would slow down.  Because of its breakneck speed, we don’t have sufficient time to really get to know the students.  And I was really angry that they rushed through the clues like that towards the end.  Great job building atmosphere, DR anime!  Seriously, if you rush through important clues like that, then the viewers will have absolutely no time to try to put together their own theories!  I suppose every mystery anime has this problem (of maybe rushing through clues too quickly due to lack of time), but DR’s handling of it is really terrible.

I’m also annoyed at the fast-pace of the DR anime because they skipped out on a lot of important character moments.  In the games, you got to see an extended amount of interaction between Naegi and Maizono, which helped to make her death even more of a punch in the gut.  Here, while the murder is still surprising, a lot of the impact is lost.  The original game had tons of great subtlety, so it’s just sad to see that get thrown out the window in the anime.

Also, I think I’ve discovered an anime-induced plot hole.  In the previous episode (if I remember correctly), three days have passed by already.  Yet Naegi only discovers that his bathroom door gets stuck NOW.  So did Naegi not use the restroom or shower for THREE DAYS or what???  I’m pretty sure that in the games, he discovers this on his first night, which makes way more sense.  Seriously, DR anime.  Get your act together.

Right now I’m really not liking the DR anime, in all honesty.  And the animation is already starting to dip a bit, I think.  I… actually can’t think of anything about this episode that was really good?  I guess it’s nice to see the characters in motion; and I really liked the part where Mondo drapes his jacket over Junko’s dead body since I thought that was a nice touch.  But I think the anime is trying to copy the games a bit too closely but at twice the speed whilst cutting out the character development and that’s frankly… really bad.

Reviewing the DR anime is going to be really hard, because both Moeronpan and I have already gone through the LP for the game, so it’s hard NOT to compare the two.  But, if I watched this episode as someone who’s had no prior experience to the series, I’d be completely shocked by Maizono’s and Junko’s death.  So I guess the DR anime is still doing very well at throwing out unexpected twists and captivating the audience, if nothing else.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2


(trying to make ratings that judge the anime alone, without comparison to the game)


As cruel as it sounds, she’s right.