(Joujuu Senjin!!) Mushibugyou Episode 14

Still taking a break from First Impressions.  They’ll return tomorrow!

For now, have some more Mushibugyou as it continues into its second season!

Silly man; in a series where most of the main characters use blades, do you really think a gun would be effective?


News of a terrible attack at Edo reaches Jinbei as he’s on his return journey, prompting him to rush back to Edo.  Which is fortunate for Edo, as all his other teammates have decided to take impromptu vacations.  When Jinbei arrives, he finds a strange creature; half insect, half man.  It takes down two of Edo’s big protectors easily, so Jinbei steps up to the plate to fight it.

Insect-man is playing dirty.

While he’s able to easily cut the Insect-man in half, the Insect-man appears capable of making copies of himself.  As Jinbei continues to slice and cut them down, more of these “copies” are generated, filling the skies of Edo with a mini-army of Insect-men.  Just as things look grim; Hibachi, Koikawa, and Tenma also make their returns in the nick of time.  It turns out that they had gone out to train themselves also.

Talk about having a Big Damn Heroes moment.

However, their “help” just causes more copies to be generated, and they are soon overwhelmed.  It’s only then that Jinbei and co. notice a trend—only the bodies that have their heads intact regenerate.  However, they would have to kill all the Insect-men at once in order to stop him from regenerating.  Thus, Jinbei gets an idea.  With help from his teammates, he unleashes the Fuji Hammer on the army, completely obliterating them.  And the day is saved… for now.

I really like that Jinbei’s relationship with his teammates have improved somewhat.
Talk about being “over-powered”…

My Opinion:

New season; new OP and ED whoo!  I actually kind of liked the old one better, just because it was more flashy and seemed less generic.  But the new one is pretty nice too.  And I just loved the ED!  I fully approve of there being more appearances of Miss Magistrate.

This episode was pretty good.  It was very action-packed, which seems to be the norm that Mushibugyou has set.  I’m glad that Jinbei’s teammates got some skill upgrades too apparently; as Tenma’s riding around on a paper crane now!  I was afraid that Jinbei would grow into such a strong character that he would leave them in the dust.  As he is now, Jinbei is still just a tad overpowered.  I mean, just look at his Fuji Hammer this episode!  It’s… a bit unrealistic that they all improved so much just within three days but… ANIME!

Seems like big things are going to go down soon, as the real big bad begins to play more of a role in the story.  I’m excited to see where this will go!

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


From the new ED!

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