Originally Ariana was going to first impression this but due to technical difficulties I’ll do it instead. Sorry it’s late!
It was a hard choice but I’ve decided to go with Free!, which I’ll try to do some batch episode reviews for later on.


Hachiken has just started high school in very rural Hokkaido. Doubling as a boarding school, students are expected to participate in practical farm work around the clock. Most of them are from farming families or have dreams related to food production or animals. …Except urban-boy Hachiken, anyway.  Knowing nothing about animals, rather new to farm labour and way out of his element, what exactly is he doing here?

finger-lickin’ good

I’ve been interested in Arakawa Hiromu’s (Do I even have to write ‘of FMA fame’?) award-winning farming manga for quite a while, but as I still haven’t read it I can’t say for sure how this adaptation holds up. But as far as first episodes go, it was relatively decent and does an admirable job at showing the personalities of the characters.
It’s a classic fish out of water story , but the dialogue keeps it feeling fresh. While it’s still too early to know too much about Hachiken’s fellow students (as well as himself), this episode gave a pretty good feel for them and they definitely seem a fun bunch. Hachiken’s constant freaking out over every little thing could possibly get old but it’s made for some great comedy moments so far; such as his horror at learning that ‘eggs come from anuses?!’ It’s not all rural slice of life and character comedy, though, there’s also hints of potentially serious problems at Hachiken’s home. He seems to have only come to this school get away from it, whatever ‘it’ might be.
I can heartily recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Moyashimon as well as just anyone who’d like a slice of life show with a different flavour. It’s a very easy watch….maybe a little too easy, because there’s nothing that really stands out about the animation or music or anything else so far. I can’t help but feel that the slow pace is much better suited to manga, so while I’m interested in the story, I’ll probably end up just reading it instead.

‘How can something so delicious come from an anus?!’

Out of 5,