Belated reviews ack!  Forgive me, I was sick for a few days and just wanted to not have to worry about reviewing. I’m still feeling a bit weird right now, but managed to get this up.  Mushibugyou may or may not be done as a batch review depending on time.  Same with Fantasista Dolls (which I’ve decided I still want to review).

So… I watched the second episode and decided that I’ll probably still review this. Just as a mini-review, though. Also, after the anger from the first episode has worn off, I’ve formed a more coherent and somewhat revised opinion of the first episode which you can find below in the “My Opinion” section. SPOILERS ABOUND!!!



After Kanon is stabbed, Haqua deduces that she only has about a week before the darkness consumes her and she dies. Thus, Keima sets out to find the four remaining Goddesses within that time in order to remove the cursed dagger.  He narrows it down to five of his previously conquered girls.

It still saddens me that we’ll never see her arc in full…

Ditto as above.

My Opinion:

For this series, I’m going to just do very short summaries like that so I can devote more time to this section.

Anyway, my review for the first episode… Yeah, I was really mad.  I didn’t do research beforehand, so I didn’t know the full details of why Manglobe decided to jump straight to the Goddess Arc.  Turns out that the first two seasons of TWGOK didn’t do so well, so we’re pretty lucky to have a third season at all.  And in order to get enough funds to do a fourth season, Manglobe decided to animate the most popular/most plot-heavy arc in an attempt to gain more fans/interest in the series.

Knowing that now, I can totally understand their decision. I’m still disappointed, but I can understand why they went about things the way they did.  Still, I can’t help feeling that Manglobe fudged the first two seasons a bit.  Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time padding the girls’ arcs (make them two instead of three episodes), then they could get to the more important girls (that are actually relevant to THIS arc) sooner.  By skipping the other girls’ arcs, they did miss some heavy plot stuff so I’m wondering how they’ll shove that into THIS season, but… we’ll see, I guess.

This episode is much better in terms of pacing, though it still moves at a blazing fast pace.  Which is expected, since the Goddess arc covers 70 chapters in all, and the anime only has 12 episodes to go through them.  So we end up skipping some encounters that were in the manga, though this skip was less infuriating since those girls didn’t host goddesses so there was no point to lingering on them.

Personally, I was never a huge fan of the Goddess arc.  I started reading the series around Tsukiyo’s arc, so I just loved the series even when Keima was just conquering girls.  But the Goddess arc really is where things get serious so people who want TWGOK to have a deeper story–well, here you go.  Even with the seriousness of this arc, the manga still managed to be somewhat comedic, which I feel the anime sorely lacks; just due to lack of time.  So fans who were fond of TWGOK’s comedy will probably feel very alienated about this.

Overall, I guess I’m going to keep watching this series. There’s always a “they could have done better” in the back of my mind; but with so many chapters to cover, I have a feeling they’re already doing the best they can.

Out of five:

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