Sorry for the extremely long wait; but the review for Fantasista Dolls is finally here!

In which Uzume learns that having a group of five magical Dolls under your command isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Episode 2 Summary:

Uzume spends time training with the Dolls and quickly realizes that being a Master isn’t all fun and games.  After getting into an argument with Sasara, in which Sasara is angry at Uzume for being so passive about everything, Uzume gets fed up and wants to return the Dolls to their previous owner.  They reluctantly tell her the location of an abandoned research lab, which was all that they remember of their previous life.

Uzume’s friend, Manai.

Once Uzume get there, she accidentally triggers an alarm and more Dolls appear to attack her.  Uzume is forced to summon her Dolls though Sasara refuses to come out.  After a brief scuffle, all four of her Dolls are knocked out.  Fortunately, Sasara is still inclined to protect her Master, and so finally shows up for battle.  Thanks to some trap cards, Uzume and Sasara are able to win.  After the battle, Uzume and her Dolls discover the main office and a secret room!  Here, Lord Rafflesia suddenly shows up to tell them that the cards in the secret room are theirs as they’ve earned it.

Everyone on tumblr has made fun of Lord Rafflesia for it but–really, stop being such a stalker/creep.

On the way home from the lab, Uzume finds her friend Manai standing in front of her house.  Unexpectedly, Manai suddenly pulls out her own magic card deck and challenges Uzume to a duel!

Oh yeah, when the Dolls aren’t in battle, they live in a really tricked out VIRTUAL MANSION

Episode 3 Summary:

Manai summons all five of her own Dolls, forcing Uzume to make a run for it.  Uzume is reluctant to harm her friend’s Dolls, and so lays down a trap instead.  Fortunately, Madeleine is able to free Manai from her mind-control with a little innovation and help from Akari.  Manai reveals that she had visited a fortune-teller that afternoon, but can’t remember anything else afterwards.  Lord Rafflesia again shows up, telling the girls of an evil organization called the “Mutual Dream Assurance Group.”  He warns the girls that they may come for their cards again.

As far as embarrassing things go, that actually isn’t too bad.

The Dolls’ one greatest weakness: ice cream.

That night, Uzume discovers her card deck’s personal symbol, but dislikes it and wants it changed.  This causes Shimeji to set about creating a new one.  Meanwhile, Madeleine starts becoming a bit obsessed with Uzume, since she’s noticed that Uzume seems to rely on her a lot.  However, Madeleine’s constant “help” quickly unnerves Uzume.

After school, Uzume and Manai try to find the fortune teller shop again, but instead find a Doll.  She tells them that she and her friends are serving a horrible Master who treats them badly, and that they’re at their limit and want to escape.  The Doll then leads Uzume and Manai to an empty dolphin stadium—it turns out that it was all a trap!  Another Doll shows up and attacks Uzume and Manai, so Uzume summons her Dolls.  All of them show up except Shimeji, who was still working on her design.

Hello new Master that I hate already.

It’s not long before the enemy Dolls’ Master is found out, and it turns out to be an unpleasant young man who treats his Dolls like mere tools.  Uzume ends up throwing one of her cards at him in order to save one of his Dolls.  Satisfied, the young man leaves, though not before taking his Dolls with him.  That night, Shimeji reveals her design for Uzume’s personal symbol: a sparrow and stars.  Uzume agrees to use it.  However, she and her Dolls worry about the man’s Dolls and wish they could do something for them.

Best scene of the episode? Best scene of the episode.

My Opinion:

I found episode 2 to be a bit on the “meh” side, but episode 3 definitely made up for it.

It seems like anime always tend to have really bad second episodes, based on all the past series I’ve ended up reviewing.  Fantasista Doll unfortunately reinforces that.  It wasn’t the worst episode ever, but I definitely found episode 2 to be a bit dull compared to the first episode.  I don’t know if it was Sasara’s brash personality or what, but the pacing just felt very “off” that episode.  The fight scene also felt extremely weak and silly.  I realize that a series like this isn’t going to have ACTION-PACKED FIGHT SCENES but a fight scene shouldn’t be boring to watch.  It seemed like the focus of that episode was more on Uzume’s developing relationship with her Dolls anyway, so I can let that point slide a bit.  Uzume getting some more rare cards again at the end smacked of duex ex machina, but I’m going to wait it out and see where this series is going before criticizing too much.  If Uzume stays overpowered till the end of the series, THEN I’ll complain.

Episode 3 was so much better, thankfully.  In this episode, we see some more Doll Masters!  Turns out Manai is one (I hope we get to see her Dolls some more later because they seem very cute/interesting), and also a mysterious, obviously evil man.  I actually really loved the addition of the “evil” Master, because it shows how the Dolls can be abused if placed into the wrong hands.  That scene with him and his three Dolls was actually very unsettling to watch.  The fight this time was also rather unsettling to watch because of him; he has no qualms with hurting his own Dolls if it means victory.

While the second episode focused on Uzume’s relationship with Sasara, the third episode focused on Uzume’s relationship with Madeleine.  It seems like every episode is going to focus on a different Doll until they all get their own episode, as Shimeji is next.  Personally, my favorites right now are Katia and Akari, but it’s still nice that the Dolls are getting turns to have a chance in the spotlight.

Overall, I’m still going to be sticking with this series.  The fight scenes aren’t amazing, but then again the focus is really more on Uzume’s relationship with her Dolls anyway.  The episodes can be a bit slow-paced because of this, but the cutesy style and interesting characters are enough to keep me watching.  It seems like each Doll already has her own designated “battle costume,” but as episode 3 showed us, I hope we can see some more costumes.

Out of five for episode 2:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Out of five for episode 3:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2