As always, there are SPOILERS!

Nice to see that Togami’s “magnificent bastard” qualities are finally coming out full force.


After their first school trial is over, Monobear “graciously” opens up the second floor of the school for the students to explore.  So the students now have access to a gym, pool, and library.  After the shock of a murder and execution, it seems that some of the students are already beginning to fold under stress.  Chihiro seems to be the most vulnerable to this stress, which isn’t helped by Togami’s aloof personality.  Meanwhile, Fukawa seems to be quickly developing a scary obsession with Togami, while Mondo and Ishimaru have become unexpectedly good friends after a night of “battle” in the sauna.

Chihiro manages to be the most adorable character without even trying.

Well this certainly looks… really wrong out of context.


Monobear, growing bored of the lack of murders, calls all the students to the gym in order to give them yet another motive.  This time, if a murder doesn’t occur in 24 hours, Monobear will reveal their secrets to the world.  Naegi looks at his “secret” (he wet the bed until he was in fifth grade) and wonders, as embarrassing as the secret is, if anyone would actually be motivated to kill another student over it.  However, something apparently happens during the night.  The next morning, Togami calls Naegi along to investigate the gym’s changing rooms.  What they find… is the newest murder victim.

Naegi is horrified by the scene, but Togami has more to show Naegi.  He brings Naegi to a room in the library that apparently holds “top secret records” and shows Naegi a file.  It’s about a serial killer named Genocider Syo.  The most worrying thing is that the latest murder victim was killed in a manner similar to that of Genocider Syo’s MO.  Could one of the remaining students actually be Genocider Syo?

My Opinion:

I felt that this was a much better episode than that past three we’ve had.  It still has a few problems, though.

There was actually character interaction!  I really love how the anime portrayed Mondo’s and Ishimaru’s odd friendship.  They even managed to keep in Celestia getting angry over her tea not being right!  Also, I guess they managed to keep in Machine Gun Talk somewhat by way of the opening song for this episode.  That opening song, man.  Just freaking what.

However, the DR anime may have shot itself in the foot as they choose to just gloss over/entirely skip some important plot-points (character development?) on Chihiro’s end.  And seeing that Chihiro is the latest murder victim… well, you can see why that would be a big problem.

This time, the anime seems to be going over the clues at a slightly slower rate, though it’s still a bit faster than what I’d like.  I also wasn’t expecting there to be another murder so SOON after the trial.  I guess with the DR anime (supposedly) being only 13 episodes, the anime doesn’t have time to waste.  I just wonder if the trial this time is also going to be only one episode?  I hope not, as this case is much more complex than the last.  (Also, at the rate we’re going, that means I’ll never be able to review a trial episode…)

I initially thought this was a very good episode, though Moeronpan’s musings on her tumblr made me realize that the DR anime still has some major problems.  I think they really should have spent more time on character development before skipping straight to the murder and trial.  Still, this episode does a decent job of summarizing and talking about the most important points of the plot.  Sadly, they decided to ditch the emotional aspect of the games in return.

Out of five:

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The classiest sadistic bear you will probably ever see.