When was the last time I reviewed a scale figure…? Or even bought one? Anyway, this is my first figure from Altair…

I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but Fate/Zero is my current favourite anime and the only reason it never had a presence on this blog was because I never actually watched the first season of it when it first aired, as I just stupidly assumed it was a sequel to Fate/Stay Night and I don’t tend to do first impression reviews for sequels. I started watching it a few weeks before the second season aired and was really glad I did because the show is amazing. The whole reason I even became interested in it to begin with, though, was because of the character Waver Velvet, the 19-year-old magus with a height complex who becomes the Master of Rider, AKA Alexander the Great, as well as my favourite character.  I was far from the only Waver fan, though – while I wouldn’t call him the most popular character in the show, he has a pretty fervent following and the doujinshi about him and his servant getting extra friendly seem to make up a sizeable portion of the doujinshi for the whole series.  Yet, I didn’t actually expect a scale figure of him (not to mention more than one; although this one was the first announced as well as what I believe is the nicest there are also  two Sega Prize figures and one Megahouse figure) but here we are.  I’ve managed to amass quite a few figures from the show already, including the suited Saber figma that I never ended up reviewing here (woops) but this will be my first scale figure for it.


The magic circle motif is on the back.

Again, this is my first figure from Altair (an offset of the figure company Alter; Altair is exclusively for figures of pretty male characters)
so I don’t know if this is the norm for the this line, but I was surprised that the box is entirely plastic.  While it’s not stupidly big, I think it might be a bit too wide at the sides. It’s not a major issue – I just get annoyed when figure companies put average-sized figures in gigantic space-take-uping boxes.  Here’s what the box comes with, then.

Waver, Waver’s disembodied second head, a chibi Rider, chibi Rider’s cape and the bases for both of them.

I really like how there have been so many figures lately with changeable faces/heads, and Waver is one of them. It’s nice that it’s a whole head and not just a face like I expected – it also makes it very very easy to change (yet they still included instructions.) Anyway, let’s take a closer look at Waver himself.

‘What >:C’

There were some complaints about how the chosen pose for this figure was ‘too girly’, which makes me wonder if said people watched the same anime I did because that’s all part of Waver’s charm to me. (If a more manly Waver figure is what you seek, there’s Megahouse’s oddly realistic one but good luck getting hold of him, he was an online site exclusive and the order period is long over.) It should also be noted that Altair didn’t come up with the pose anyway – it’s based on official art from the series. Anyway, as you can see, he’s sitting. I kind of like this, the pose has a peaceful air to it, as well as depicting his personality rather well, and I think its more interesting than a plain standing pose. The details are all very nice, but if I have a complaint, it’s that those seams where his arms connect are a bit too noticeable. But, after looking him over several times I can safely say his paint job is perfect and there is not even one fleck out-of-place.

Tsun-face enhance!

His default face is what most fans will refer to as his tsun face, and its one he has a lot in the series. It’s reproduced well – a little on the girly side, but not any more girly than the picture it was based on in my opinion. If you don’t feel like having Waver glare at you all the time, you can change to the other face, but first lets see some different angles.

Front view.

His stand isn’t anything that special – just a wooden floor, but it’s something, and better than a clear plastic disk. Theres no holes or pegs or anything on the stand; not that he really needs them, because he sits just fine.

Back view. What an adorably dumb haircut.

Side view, and look what you can see!

Some people seemed to be worried that, since Waver’s covering his hand that has the command seal with his other hand, it wouldn’t be visible. Luckily, it still is. The Rider command seal is also painted well, but placement wise it seems a little…diagonal? I guess if they made it placed perfectly you wouldn’t be able to see the whole thing, though.

His hands are adorably delicate too. You can’t tell here, but he even has tiny fingernails painted to be shinier than his skin, as fingernails are. Now that’s detail!

On to that other face, then. And again, I really like that Altair took the time to make a whole separate head than just a faceplate. While his default face is the ‘tsun’ face, his other face is very clearly the ‘dere’ face – something Waver’s fans love very much.


As you can see, displaying him with this face creates a  very different image to the standard one….an adorable image, that is. This embarrassed, blushing face is of course one that comes up in the series from time to time – with one memorable scene in particular. That scene so happens to be my favourite in the entire show, so it’s nice to have something very much like it in figure form. Both Waver’s faces are so cute that it’s hard for me to decide which one to display him with, so I’m glad changing them is as easy as it is.


I think you also get a slightly different atmosphere depending on the angle. Or maybe its just me. I’m always turning him around trying to find the best angle, though, since pretty much any angle is adorable.

Although he looks about 12 from this angle.

Apparently, Altair like including chibi figures with many of their releases, and it was nice of them to include a chibi version of Waver’s boisterous servant Rider. His cape is removable; you put it on and off by removing his head.

They managed to squeeze his gigantic personality into the tiny figure rather well, though.

I love Rider, and this mini figure is decent enough, but it’s not something I’d buy on its own. There are other chibi Rider figures that look a lot better, at least in my opinion. Altair’s one seems to have practically no neck; although it’s not really noticeable with his cape on, just kind of weird. But they’ve detailed him quite well, and he looks a lot better in person than the pre-release photos. There’s still not a great deal to say about him though.

His mantle looks nice and fluffy.

His book even has handwritten ‘text’! It’s so small I can’t tell if its actual words or just squiggly lines, though.

The only main downside about this figure is the price. If you’re a huge Waver fan like yours truly, the price-tag probably isn’t going to stop you if you have the funds, but an RRP of over 8000 yen is probably not going to persuade many who aren’t said huge fans.  Amiami was selling him at a discount for around 6000 yen, although that preorder sale on him as finished. He’s still a bit cheaper than the RRP,  but you’ll have to hurry.
Speaking as a huge fan of the character I’m really happy with him, and really look forward to seeing what else Altair will have in store in the future.
tumblr_mqshwkptgr1qgz6f6o1_500Out of 5,