Continuing from last week, Brilliant Genius Rei has discovered through practical application that swimming at night in a storm when you can’t even swim is Not A Good Idea. Fortunately, Makoto has seen him struggling and has run into the waves to save him without a second thought. Unfortunately, the sight of Rei drowning triggers a memory in Makoto that causes him to have a breakdown and become unable to move, sinking himself. Both the boys die and Urobuchi is revealed as the supporting writer of the show in the end credi—no of course not but seriously there was a hilarious amount of people who actually honestly thought this was what would happen.
Luckily for them, Haruka’s Mako-Sense tells him that Makoto is in danger and is able to pull him ashore, while Nagisa rescues Rei. The four boys end up stranded on one of the islands near the main one, where they eventually take shelter from the storm inside an abandoned inn.  There, Makoto lets Rei and Nagisa know the story about where his fear of the ocean started – it was due to the death of an old fisherman (and his crew) he was friends with as a kid.
Meanwhile, Rin continues to do nothing.

Almost. But then he didn’t.

Yeah guys seriously.

Nagisa was so disappointed there wasnt zombies or something inside that old refrigerator.

It was nice to spice things up in Free! a bit with some drama, but it all passed pretty quickly. Things played out mostly how I thought they would, except I was honestly surprised that Rin didn’t do anything. I seriously expected that the only reason the plot had him on the island was so that he could assist with Rei’s rescue, but…seriously. He wakes up at one point, looks out the window, and then goes back to sleep. Then in the morning he goes for a jog on the sand. If it weren’t for the fact that the next episode preview seems to show that he’ll be featuring heavily in episode seven I would have thought that the writers were finally sick of him.  I honestly hope the wait is worth it, though; when I started this show I never really expected his role to be so small compared to the other boys. Sawa-sensei has done more than he has. (although we are only half way through the show, and the next episode could be where his role starts getting bigger again).
It’s funny how everybody was thinking this episode would be super dramatic and angsty but really, once the drama is (quickly) over it settles back into being silly again pretty quickly. The boys ‘campfire’ (well, torchlight) stories were pretty funny, as well as Haruka as confirmed (as if it needed confirming at this point) aquasexual. (his ‘first love’ was a waterfall. This show, man.) And damn is Makoto an adorable little kid.
Anyway, looking forward to the next episode with the promise of Rin doing something.

hnngh little-Rei.

TOO PRECIOUS but is that a girl’s yukata. It’s cute though so who cares.

‘That damn Iwatobi swim club, what with their DOING THINGS and HAVING SCREEN TIME.’

Out of 5,