Nothing like some good old-fashioned courtroom pointing.

Now it’s the trial for the murder of Sakura Oogami, in which we are given a closed room mystery. How did the murderer get out of the room? More importantly, which of the many wounds Sakura seemed to have sustained was the actual cause of death? Obviously, there are the three main culprits: Togami, Touko and Hagakure, who all distrusted her…and especially Touko (or rather, Syo) and Hagakure, who apparently went to meet with her before her body was discovered. Naegi is able to get the two to confess that they attacked her…however, the information doesn’t entirely add up and it’s determined that neither of them could possibly be the murderer.
As for Aoi, the grief of losing her friend has driven her slightly mad and more than a little suspicious, as she begins to insist one of them did it…until the evidence starts to point towards her, where she then gives up and insists that it was her. Exactly what is going on..?

He was awfully confident that there was no poison in that bottle. Wouldnt there be residue on the glass though? Whatever.

I’ve had hardly any good caps of Kirigiri so here she is looking interested in Togami’s antics.

I think they portrayed Aoi’s mental state pretty well.

Chapter 4’s trial is my favourite in the game because its one of its biggest rollercoaster rides, with twists that just kept coming. It did an amazing job of concealing the true ‘culprit’ as it danced back and forth between the suspects. Hagakure and Touko are far, far more suspicious – for example before Sakura’s body is discovered Naegi encounters them acting suspiciously around the scene of the crime and denying what they were doing – but it’s really hard to suspect them in the anime at all and they felt like far too obvious red herrings. Luckily the anime did a great job – I assume, of painting the suspect as Aoi, so the major twist isn’t lost. If I hadnt played the game I think I would have thought that it was surely her that killed Sakura, so the twist, I imagine, would have been a surprise as it was for me in the game – Sakura took her own life in an act of noble sacrifice, and this is the first trial in which there is no culprit. (Which doesn’t mean there’s no execution, though. Monobear, you bastard.)
Compressed into 20 minutes or so, the condensed trial isn’t as exciting as the one in the game, but I was somewhat impressed with Aoi. Her voice acting when she was distraught and almost mad with grief was quite amazing, and, besides Ishimaru at the end of the second trial, one of the few instances in the anime that has actually successfully conveyed some emotion.
This is the game-changing moment of the story, and the anime has 3 more episodes (I think??) to wrap it up. One can only hope this is sufficient time…


for someone who thinks he’s King Shit, Togami sure is wrong a lot.

…is it bad if this execution is one of the hardest to watch for me? Don’t you dare tell me Alter Ego was ‘just’ a computer program. He said ‘that tickles’ once, what if he can feel pain too?? D:

Out of 5,