As always, there are MAJOR SPOILERS!

See, Touko can be cute when she wants to be.


After the trial of Sakura’s murder, yet another floor of the school has opened up!  And it seems like this is the final floor of the school.  After the students have all finished exploring the final floor, they all convene in the cafeteria to report their findings.  Togami is fed up with Kirigiri going off on her own all the time to investigate, and demands that she tell them what her history is.  Kirigiri, however, just says that she can’t remember much about her past.  The distrusting Togami then demands the key to her room, which she calmly gives up.  Afterwards, Touko reveals that she found a survival knife somewhere on the fifth floor, and Togami immediately hands it over to Naegi for safe-keeping, as Naegi is the most trust-worthy one in the group.

Not long after, Monobear calls all the students to the gym once again, this time looking very pissed off.  Apparently someone had stolen his “treasure,” though Monobear doesn’t actually say what it is.  Later, Kirigiri calls Naegi to the baths to reveal that she’s stolen a key from Monobear.  She found it in the principal’s office.  The office used to be locked but apparently Sakura opened it up before she died.  Kirigiri also made another discovery in that office: there is a sixteenth student within the school, named Mukuro Ikusaba.  Kirigiri believes that Mukuro is the true mastermind behind all this, and asks Naegi to distract Monobear while she tries to find which door the key opens.

Monobear has a key with an image of his head on it–typical.

“Promise me that you’ll make coming back your top priority.” Aww…

After distracting Monobear, Naegi goes to bed that night with a fever and has some strange dreams and hallucinations of a masked person standing over him with a knife—but was it really a hallucination?  The next day, Naegi wakes up to find the survival knife he had been safekeeping gone from his room.  He then finds his classmates dismantling the Monobear robot in the gymnasium and is horrified.  However, Togami reassures Naegi that Monobear was already broken the night before, when Togami tried to call Monobear out to speak to him.  Before much else can be done, though; Touko ends up finding a masked dead body in the botanical gardens.  When she tries to take off the mask, the body explodes!

No kidding. (Also look at that QUALITY ANIMATION)

Yeah, because getting greeted by a serial killer is totally something I’d want.

With the body badly charred, everyone assumes that the body belongs to Kirigiri, who is the only person not present.  However, Naegi (perhaps holding onto some faint glimmer of hope) has doubts that it’s actually Kirigiri and believes it is actually the body of Mukuro Ikusaba, the sixteenth student.  Togami finds a key next to the body, and the group eventually finds out that it leads to the data processing room.  Inside, there are monitors all over the walls—apparently video feeding from the surveillance cameras all over the school.  The students also find a TV, and Monobear suddenly pops up to reveal that their “school life” has been broadcast live on national television for all to see.  Before he leaves, he tells them that they have other issues to worry about, such as figuring out who the murderer of the newly found dead body is.  Just as the group’s despair reaches its peak, another person makes a surprising entrance!  And it’s none other than Kyouko Kirigiri herself.

I honestly can’t tell if Hagakure is taller than Togami or if that’s just ’cause of his hair.

My Opinion:

Another pre-trial episode, another episode packed with way too much information in too short a time limit.  Really, I am getting really freaking sick of getting all these pre-trial episodes to review.  (But alas, Moeronpan and I already picked reviewing order for this series beforehand so…)

Anyway, this episode was decent.  As rushed as the pacing was, it DID summarize all the important plot points.  Though I am sad that it skipped over Naegi freaking out about the chickens in the botanical garden.  That was arguably one of the funniest scenes in the DR game just because Naegi was so paranoid.  (“It’s really just a normal chicken… right?”)

There was a lot of Naegi and Kirigiri interaction in this episode, and I think the anime is at least portraying their developing relationship well.  Kirigiri is definitely beginning to open up more.  Though, now that I think about it, I do find it a bit weird that Togami only questions what Kirigiri’s talent is NOW.  I can’t remember if the game brings this up earlier (if Naegi questions it before this scene), but I would think it’d be awfully suspicious to have someone going around for so long without even questioning their SHSL talent in a school where several murders have already taken place.

Even though the episode summarized things fairly well in such a short time, I really dislike that they’re just going to rush over yet ANOTHER case.  It’s especially bad because it’s THIS case that they’re going to be rushing over, since the students didn’t even have a chance to look at the clues this episode.  Which means some time will be dedicated to THAT in the next episode, further shortening the time allowed for the next trial.  Without spoiling things too much, this next case/trial is really damn important to the overall plot of DR, and it’s really aggravating to see it rushed over like every other case the DR anime has showcased.  I know this is the norm by now for the DR anime, but it’s still disappointing every time it happens.  The DR anime is dumbing down the cases so much that it’s sad.  Seriously guys, if you have the time, I’d still recommend you check out the Dangan Ronpa LP because it’s so, so much better than the anime is right now.

Anyway, sorry for that mini-rant.  The DR anime seems to be having more QUALITY ANIMATION now so that’s yet another strike against it.  I just hope they’re saving the budget for the grand finale.  There’s still about three episodes left, and I’m not really holding out hope that it’s gonna be good; but hey, there’s still a slim possibility that the DR anime won’t completely screw up the ending.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2


I was certainly not expecting them to show the full group picture HERE but I guess that means the last few episodes won’t have this ED playing.