Dangan Ronpa Episode 11

I wish I could start every review with Togami being an ass.

It’s now time for the trial of the murder of………..who, exactly? Sure, Monobear says that the conveniently unidentifiable corpse belongs to  the 16th student Ikusaba Mukuro, but not only can this be verified, nobody has actually seen Mukuro before…or even knew she existed before now. That’s not the only thing fishy about this trial, Monobear is now breaking his own rules in order to have Naegi ruled as the culprit and executed.
Luckily for Naegi, he gets rescued by a familiar face (literally), and even luckier, this is halfway through the episode which means that I only got half a trial episode this time! Yay! Anyway, Naegi escapes a terrible horrific death by falling into a garbage chute where he is later rescued by Kirigiri – who is starting to regain her lost memory. At least, she can remember her title – Super High School Level Detective. Something that is going to come in handy because Monobear decides to give the students one last chance to escape: they can leave if they can solve every mystery in the school.

I know it was intentional but man are those colours eyeburning
This is one of the more horrifying executions, in my opinion.
I actually cheered when this happened in the game.

For once, rushing the trial wasn’t too bad a move for the anime; it was also rushed in-game because Monobear wanted it over with and Naegi dead. Although it was still aggravating to have people bringing up clues that weren’t even mentioned before now, such as ‘BY THE WAY  a chicken was missing BY THE WAY there was a tarp’, but whatever. I’m just glad to get to review other stuff as well this time.
This is where the story enters the Endgame, and while I’m glad that it’s getting two episodes for this instead of the one, I’m still wondering if its going to be enough (in all likelihood, it wont.)
I’ve long given up on trying not to compare things to the game but for those playing at home this trial included a morbidly humorous ‘bad end’ which is was nice to see the animators pay some homage to in a quick fleeting thought of Naegi’s. (Although it would have been funnier if he’d had the whole imagination sequence including its ridiculous epilogue, but, time constraints. Play the game. Please.)
I actually think that it did a decent job being exciting enough, even if most of that excitement is from the execution sequence from the game anyway.  One thing I can credit the anime for is that with all the clue skipping and lack of time to dwell on things, perhaps the biggest twist of the story will be even more unexpected for people who havent played the game. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing though we’ll just have to see. I’m looking forward to the reactions from people who are only watching the anime next week, anyway. (Assuming the twist is happening then.)
My favourite thing about the episode was more Kirigiri, though, who is still one of the most neglected characters in the whole show. I’m really liking how some of her moments have been depicted, as well as her delivery of memorable lines, but I still cant help but wonder if she seems completely and utterly bland to anyone who hasn’t played the game. As for the worst thing…besides the speed, which is the worst part of every episode really, the one thing that bugs me happens in the game as well: how did Naegi know that he had been saved by Alter Ego? He couldn’t see the screen!

KirigirI’s awfully calm and collected for falling into a pile of garbage.
Naegi actually looks unnerving with this face.

Out of 5,


One thought on “Dangan Ronpa Episode 11

  1. John Smith September 19, 2013 / 4:27 am

    Okay I have to comment some clear some things up. First, I am actually disappointed by the lack of bloodshed :C. The character I probably disliked the most was that shaman guy, (I just think he is stupid :/) and he has made it to the endgame! AHHHHHH! I actually think Kirigiri has a lot of character, and I did sense throughout the anime the growth of affection between Kirigiri and Naegi. Definitely one of my fav characters, because she is so mysterious, courageous, yet cute at the same time :). (I don’t know if this is bad, but I definitely feel the swimmer girl and the shaman are unecessarily alive, but the serial killer, togami, kirigiri, and naegi definitely feel important) Yes I looovveee this anime. After seeing Persona 4 the anime go horribly wrong because it was annoyingly slow-paced, I feel the fast pace is kind of refreshing. (Also, I am almost certain they showed the different amount of chickens, because I remember wondering about it last week) I feel that the fast pace keeps me invested and surprised each week, even though it is apparent how incredibly rushed this anime is. That’s just me though
    Sorry for the jumpy thoughts!

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