Since today’s the day we officially start off the new anime season, I’m gonna just put this up now too.

I bet she is.


The first episode is basically a re-airing of the original ONA except with a bit of the ending cut out (probably for continuity’s sake for the anime storyline).  But if you guys haven’t watched that yet, here’s a brief summary:

There is a strange world called Mirror Kyoto, ruled over by a priest (Myoe), a female demon (Yase), and a monk (Kurama).  Fourteen-year-old Koto and her brothers (A and Un) have found themselves stuck in this world, and scour the city for a black rabbit to find their way back home.  Koto herself wields a giant hammer that she stole from Bishamaru.  Generally, though; Koto and her brothers merely cause destruction in Mirror Kyoto.  When they’re not, they’re taken care of by Myoe.

There’s a ton of eye-candy in this anime. I really want to watch this series in HD someday, on a big screen TV. Man, that would be amazing.

Supposedly, the world was created and originally ruled over by Lady Koto, who appears to be a humanized version of a black rabbit.  On the day of the festival, Yase and Kurama trap Koto within a strange realm (despite the objections of Myoe) in order to “test” her; though really, it’s more like a trap in order to bring Lady Koto (their “Mother”) back home.

Here, have a pretty shot of Yase.

But their plan does work, as Koto meets up with Lady Koto; allowing Lady Koto to finally step foot in Mirror Kyoto again.  Young Koto, however, doesn’t want any of this and simply wishes to return home.

This was my favorite shot back when I watched the original ONA, and it’s still my favorite even now.

My Opinion:

You guys probably don’t know this, but I’m actually a rather big Kyousougiga fan.  I’ve watched the original ONA; loved it, and also watched the mini ONA’s that came out later.  Thus, I was hyped that a proper anime series for this was finally coming out.  Upon learning that this episode was just a re-airing of the original ONA, I was admittedly a bit disappointed.  But I suppose it was necessary in order to bring those who hadn’t watched the original ONA up to speed.  …Not that the ONA itself is very informative because it’s still a bit of a confusing mess, but whatever.  Since I already watched the ONA before, this is not a real “First Impression.”  I suppose I’ll just do a review of the ONA since I haven’t done a proper one on here yet.

When I first watched the ONA, it was one of the most confusing things I had ever seen.  But even so, the animation and backgrounds were so lovely, and the characters were so interesting that I was hooked.  After having watched the mini-ONAs and the ONA three times by now, this episode did start making a bit more sense as I noticed the more subtle world-building that went on.  Seriously, Kyousougiga is simply not an anime that you can just watch once and be done with.  It’s only after multiple viewings that you notice how much story actually goes on in each episode.

Obviously, it’s still going to be a bit confusing, as there’s a lot of story that hasn’t been told.  What’s the deal with Mirror Kyoto and Lady Koto?  How did Koto get stuck in Mirror Kyoto?  If she’s a human and A and Un are demons, are they actually related?  How did Koto get that massive magical hammer?  And so on and so forth.  Usually, an incomprehensible series like this would turn me off, but there’s just something about Kyousougiga that keeps me coming back for more.  Perhaps it’s the well-rounded characters—they’re all rather quirky, but they just fit so well within this world.  Perhaps it’s the world-building—everything’s rather surreal but it just feels natural.  Or maybe, I just really love this series because it allows a person to make their own interpretations; and boy are there many chances for that.

Overall, this series is lovely, but I find it to be a very niche series.  This is not one that’s easy to recommend to more casual/general anime viewers.  It’s artful, but not at all straight-forward; so I feel that there might be many who would get frustrated with it.  However, the animation is amazing, and you can definitely see that there’s a lot of love put into this.  I have no idea how the rest of this series will turn out, but if you have the patience for it, this is one anime you should check out.

Out of five (for the original ONA):

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I’m a long time Kyousougiga fan, so I’ll obviously be reviewing this series.  However, my reviews will probably be on the short end, just due to the nature of a series like this.  See you all next episode!

Preach it, Koto.