Well, that doesn’t happen every day.

There are two kinds of people, those that live on land and those that…live under the sea. Childhood friends Hikari and Manaka are two such sea-dwellers. Their underwater lives aren’t really all that different to the surface-dwellers, but there is a very noticeable rift between the two tribes. For some reason or other the school that Hikari and Manaka (along with their other friends Kaname and Chisaki) attend has shut down and they are forced to continue their education at the school on land. Adapting to surface life and the discrimination they face isn’t easy…especially for Hikari, who is highly resentful of one such land-dweller who seems to have taken an interest in Manaka – and she to him.

I love how the eyes look in this.

First of all, this show is gorgeous. It has a very gentle aesthetic with adorable characters, and the underwater world they inhabit is stunning. It’s not remotely like any other underwater world I’ve seen in any other media before – it looks like a city on the surface, and they even walk around in it as normal (with the odd gravity-less jump here and there) and there seems to be a sky. The city itself is beautiful, with greek-inspired buildings and flocks of colourful fish. Obviously, nothing about the underwater physics makes any sense at all (and making even less sense is the origin story thsis episode gives us which explained that once apon a time, all humans lived under the sea until some decided to venture on land) but I really dont care. The show is so charming I afford to suspend my disbelief, and besides, the inclusion of the character who is literally the scale of a sea god capable of performing curses shows that supernatural elements are already at work here so ‘because magic’ could well be a valid explanation for this setting.
The characters are also all rather charming, yet I’m finding it hard to warm up to Hikari. He’s a typical middle-school boy with all energy and no forethought, but his brashness and possessiveness of Manaka is somewhat disturbing (especially the way he shakes her while yelling.). I really hope this is something that gets addressed and criticized because all the flags have been set for a love triangle involving the two plus the land-dweller Kihara.
I’m really interested in where this show will go, and its a strong contender for what I end up blogging if the next episode is strong enough.

everything is so beautiful

Out of 5,