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A slightly absent-minded young man, Tada Banri, has just made his university debut in a Tokyo law school….by being late to the orientation and then not knowing how to find the Law building. Luckily, he meets another young man, Mitsuo, who is also lost, and the two become fast friends. Mitsuo tells him that he chose this university solely to get away from the ‘calamity’ of a woman who will not leave him alone and believes herself to be his fiancĂ©e. Unfortunately for Mitsuo, this woman, Kaga Koko, followed him to the university and enrolled to be close to him, no matter how much Mitsuo wants to escape her.
While Mitsuo can’t seem to stand Koko, though, Banri seems quite taken with her, as well as a few other young ladies he meets by chance around the campus. He expresses a wish that he will be able to fall in love, although the opening of this anime very clearly shows who the lead girl here is.

Seems like there’s going to be a lot of floral imagery in this.

We really need a lot more anime set in universities, and regardless of my own opinions on Golden Time I hope it becomes popular enough to start another university anime fad. My opinion so far is…relatively neutral. So far, there isn’t anything that different to other university anime I’ve seen (right down to the hectic ‘all the clubs try to recruit the main character’ scene), and setting up all these potential love interest girls one after the other feels more like a dating sim roll-call than anything else. The other two girls don’t really make a huge impression, either, and while Koko certainly does, its hard to really call her likeable. She’s…interesting, I guess, and I can see why Banri might be fascinated by her, but she’s a literal stalker who won’t take no for an answer, even ‘no’ screamed and bawled out at her. Which is weird because the opening and ending make her out to be an adorable and sweet girl (I quite enjoyed that opening and ending though, by the way).
The pace seemed a little too slow and plodding for my liking, and the attempts at humour more often than not fell flat, with way too much shouting.. (I want to send a memo to every anime studio that ‘shouting a lot doesn’t make something funny’ every anime season.), but on the other hand it did manage to introduce a decent number of characters (although that’s pretty much all it did)
It seemed like a pretty middle-ground romantic comedy at first, but suddenly takes a turn for the dramatic at the end. Exactly what happened before that cliff-hanger I’m not really sure – a flashback? Or was it in the present? Either way, it made me a little interested to see exactly what happened. The other hook the series has is that it was written by the acclaimed author of ToraDora, which was a really nice series with great writing so even if this episode didn’t particularly wow me there might be some interesting things in store.
This kind of series will really rely on strong characters to make it work, though, so I hope it pays attention to characterization in future episodes. There could be something good here, but it’s simply too early to tell.

d’ya think he just met an important character

Out of 5,