Who even dressed these guys.

At a certain school (what is it? A highschool?  A university? None of these kids wear uniforms) is the oddball Meganebu – the Glasses Club, who are all obsessed with their eyewear. They shun people that don’t wear glasses because the glasses-less are nothing (literally, anyone who doesn’t wear glasses is just basically a stylized toilet-man symbol) and they go on and on about how amazing glasses are at every opportunity. They are composed of a bunch of fujoshi-bait archetypes just waiting to get friendly in your doujins – except maybe the lead character who isn’t so much an archetype as ‘freaking annoying’ personified.
Anyhoo, the boys great desire of this episode is to create X-ray glasses solely so that they can look through the clothes of women without their consent, presented as a really hilarious yet noble goal. When they start to think a sexy nurse might be visiting their school, they realize they have to complete these glasses are soon as possible so that they can look at her sexy naked nurse body. The rest of the humour is as ‘really hilarious’ as you’d expect. (review spoiler= it isn’t.)

This kid was the only thing i was looking forward to and then he turned out to be a little asshole, what gives.

Good lord this isn’t going to be the female equivalent of That Show, is it? Because that was awful. At least I don’t have to feel too let down by this shocking revelation as I was one of the people who wasnt expecting it to be good in the first place, but for anyone who was waiting for this in the hopes that it would be another Free!, I don’t know why you would have gotten your hopes up after seeing it was by Studio Deen in the first place. This show was such a terrible mess that I barely know where to begin.
I guess the flimsy premise is as good a place as any; but even that could have, potentially, been amusing. It’s true that the show knows it’s stupid and revels in its ridiculousness but as I’ve said before, acknowledging that what you’re doing is ridiculous doesn’t magically make it funny.
Meganebu knows how ridiculous and tries to play that up for humour and the result is kind of like being beaten up by a clown; it’s a lot more painful and irritating than funny.  The overall ‘plot’ of this episode is also pretty uncomfortable. Boys wanting to leer at naked ladies is nothing new in anime, but these guys deliberately phrased it as skeevily as possible, ‘do you want to see through a woman’s clothes without her knowing? So that she doesn‘t get mad?’ As though a woman ‘getting mad’ is the only reason why people don’t sexualize their bodies all the time. And even forgiving the skeevy premise, it far, far overstays its welcome and is stretched as thin as possible to fit the 24 minute time frame. This show simply has no business being 24 minutes long. It’s actually amazing how a show where so damn little actually happens needs to move so damn fast, speeding through a mess of unfunny, vaguely related ‘gags’, some of which seem to serve no purpose whatsoever, before culminating in the predictle ‘punchline’.(HE BREAKS THE GLASSES BEFORE HE CAN USE THEM DID ANY OF YOU SEE THAT COMING???) There’s all these dumb ‘notes’ and ‘asides’ written out next to the characters that are apparently meant to be funny in a 4th-wall-breaking kind of way but are really just pointless and unfunny. (The roof is really spacious so let’s write ‘EXTREMELY SPACIOUS ROOF!’ directly onto the roof! Because we can’t see that its spacious on our own?)
As flat and dull as the characters are, I don’t feel like I should judge them too harshly as they were specifically created to be fujoshi-bait. The problem is, they’re not even likeable characters. When they’re not being loud and irritating they’re being assholes to each other because ‘comedy’. I decided that the dark-haired guy was probably the most likeable but then I realized that this is because he doesn’t open his mouth that much. I suppose Hayato was alright, the one who wears glasses for fashion and not because he needs them, although this leads to him being the butt-monkey of the gang and gets continually berated and beaten up in what is undoubtedly going to be a HILARIOUS (read=tedious and unfunny) running gag for the show. Design-wise they’re at least not that bad, awful colour-clashing fashion aside.
And speaking of awful clashing colours….
This was, in my opinion, the most unbearable thing about the entire show. All the colours are as bright and awful as possible, with horrific clashing fuchsia and neon green eye-cancer blasting into my retinas for every second of the show, covered in filters and patterns and Studio Deen practically screaming LOOK HOW ARTISTIC WE ARE! as loudly and annoyingly as the rest of the show. Having such a psychadelic mess staying still would be bad enough, but Deen didn’t think that was quite artistic enough and so had much of the awful colours, textures and patterns they slapped over everything move and spin and sway around as much as possible. Look, there’s nothing wrong with psychadelic. It can be done well. This is not done well and it seriously hurt my eyes after a while. I don’t know if I’m more sensitive to this kind of thing than the average person, but it was complete and utter overkill. There seemed to be more ARTSY! neon pulsating polkadots flashing around the screen in place of a background than actual regular backgrounds. It was like the whole thing was a conspiracy to ruin my eyesight and make me need glasses myself. Apparently some people liked this ‘artistic touch’ to the show but along with the hectic speed and noise of the rest of it, it rendered the whole thing into a cacophonous, obnoxious mess and an audiovisual assault. Like being beaten up by a trio of clowns weilding a bunch of neon Vegas signs who are all yelling.
But then it just suddenly………..stops. All the hectic, unbearable sensory bludgeoning stops and the lead character has a weirdly gentle, low-key moment with his brother(I think? I’d stopped caring about any of the characters at this point.) before segueing into the mellow, live-action end credits.

Suffice to say, I did not enjoy Meganebu to any degree. Maybe it gets better, maybe the characters become more likeable (although the lead one definitely won’t), but if it doesn’t stop actively trying to blind me I don’t even want to find out.

My eyes are bleeding and the blood is flashing neon.

Out of 5,