Raul that’s racist.


Raul was supposed to become a hero after passing the hero exams.  However, before he could properly finish them, the Demon Lord was already defeated and the Hero institution was shut down.  Thus, unable to become a hero, Raul now works at a store in the city.  Raul, who had trained so hard to become a hero, hates his new job.  One day, a strange new kid shows up at the store asking for a job and it’s… the Demon Lord’s kid?!

Not only that, but it’s also a GIRL.  Her name is Fino.  Raul spends the day attempting to teach Fino how to help out at the store.  Things obviously don’t go well, but this is the new “normal” that Raul is going to have to get used to.

I don’t think that’s a guy

She was probably the only girl character that didn’t immediately annoy me. And that’s what, 1 girl out of 6? That’s pretty bad.

In which Fino tries to be cute but fails spectacularly.

My Opinion:

The English title for this series is: “I, Who Didn’t Become a Hero, Reluctantly Decided to Find a Job,” and it is also a light novel.  I think that probably tells you how good this series was going to be.  Which is, “not very.”

I don’t outright hate light-novel based anime, but the longer the name gets, the more pretentious they tend to be (barring Ano Hana, because I’ve heard good things about that series).  Another thing that anime based on light novels tend to be is very, very fanservicey.  And this episode was just that.  Chock full of fanservice.  A little fanservice here and there is fine, because that’s expected of every anime; and even if I still hate fanservice with a passion, I don’t use that reason as the sole cause of an anime being terrible anymore.  However, there’s tasteful fanservice, and then there’s forced fanservice and this entire episode was completely the latter.  HUGE BREASTED GIRLS EVERYWHERE!  Nearly all the girl characters were big boobed; I only counted one female character that had small ones.  I mean, it’s expected in a large cast of female characters that one or two will have large breasts because of body shape variety, but if nearly ALL female characters have them then it just starts getting kind of ridiculous.

Also, the scene where an old man comes in solely to flip a girl worker’s skirt was… painful.  Apparently he does that ALL THE TIME and Raul’s only response is something along the lines of, “Oh don’t worry, he’s probably just lonely.”  MOTHERFUCKING WHAT.  Someone like that should have been banned from the store by now!  I don’t know if the laws are different in Japan or something, but I’m sure that’s considered sexual assault.  Oh wait, this series runs on fanservice logic; I forgot.

The characters so far are extremely bland.  It seems like the character designers for Raul were trying to make him look handsome without being TOO bishonen; because face it, he’s really just a stand-in for male viewers.  Still, he is somewhat good looking, I admit.  And he’s not AS bland as other male protags in anime like this.  He’s got fighting skills (because of all that hero training), and he does have at least a valid reason for not being happy with his job, ‘cause all his life he trained to be a hero and it was all for naught.  But even so, he falls into the trap of being the “snarky, cynical male protagonist” that seems to appear in every anime season now since the Haruhi series.  Fortunately he’s not TOO annoying, but the shtick gets old real fast.  Unfortunately the girls fared worse than Raul in terms of character personality.  Anime archetypes, all of them.  And their character designs are so bland too!  Fino aside, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the rest of the girls apart if not for their different hair-styles/hair colors.

The story is also as clichéd as the characters.  It does try to make it interesting at the beginning, but after Fino is introduced as the “genki girl” and “fish out of water” everything becomes cliché territory.  Fino doesn’t know how to act like a human so she causes a ton of trouble for everyone!  Raul doesn’t realize Fino is a girl and there’s a fanservicey reveal!  (Seriously though, how the hell did she fit her huge boobs into that jacket)  Etc. etc.  It’s such a shame because the world seems like a potentially interesting place—it appears modern but electricity is actually magic, and people don’t ride cars they ride chariots hooked to DRAGONS.  It’s all very anachronistic but it seems like a fun world to see more of.  Too bad the story and the characters don’t do it much justice.

The animation also seems a bit strange.  I don’t quite know how to describe it, but the characters movements seem… jerky?  All of their movements just seem so unnatural.  Oh, except the boobs, of course.  All the boobs in this series bounce very fluidly.  And butts too.  Sigh.

Overall, yeah, I am not very pleased with this episode.  Too much fanservice, not enough substance.  I think I’ll just leave it at that.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2 and 1/2

I was going to give it a full two-heart rating, but that would be way too generous for this bad an episode.

…She looked cuter in the hoodie jacket. :/