There are days when I can’t think up witty captions and this is one of those days


Kanou is a young man who is a self-proclaimed otaku.  After seeing an ad attempting to hire otaku like him for some sort of anime/manga company, Kanou decides to apply.  He passes the online test with a perfect score, and soon meets with the businessman behind the recruitment.  However, he ends up getting drugged and wakes up to find himself in a strange new fantasy world.  And he has a HALF-ELF MAID!

This basically sums up this whole anime.

Turns out that the “businessman” is actually a government official.  A year ago, the Japanese government discovered some kind of portal to this fantasy world, and are now attempting to bridge the culture gap.  Thus, Kanou was hired to basically… spread manga, anime, and video game culture to this new world.  On the first day of his arrival to this new world, Kanou bonds a bit with his new maid, teaching her the basics to reading Japanese as she’s illiterate.

I wanted to at least get a good cap of our protagonist.

The next day, Kanou is brought up to the palace to meet the country’s Supreme Ruler—who turns out to look like a little girl.  Kanou’s otaku instincts kick in and… yeah, it doesn’t go well…


My Opinion:

I was expecting this anime to be one of the stinkers of this season, but it actually… wasn’t too bad?  I guess I was expecting this to be some kind of huge fanservice fest.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too fanservicey.  There was a scene where Kanou uh… had some “morning wood” (I can’t beat around the bush about this…) and it was kind of… surprising I guess ‘cause wtf.  He wasn’t even dreaming about anything erotic???  But luckily they didn’t linger too much on anything remotely fanservicey.

I think a bigger criticism of this first episode is that it’s a little dull.  Despite being set in fantasy-land, we haven’t really been given much of a chance to actually see the world.  Which makes sense because this is Kanou’s and our’s “explanation episode.”  Usually, anime tend to save all the explanation for the second episode, after the viewer’s attention has been grabbed.  Outbreak Company, on the other hand, decided to just do all the explaining here.  I suppose that’s fine, but it just makes for a really boring episode.  And, honestly, it doesn’t really make me want to watch the next one, even with that cliff-hanger at the end.

The animation for this series is nice.  The story is… a little bit stupid but okay.  The characters so far are pretty bland for me personally.  Kanou is admittedly a bit embarrassing to watch because he’s such a gung-ho otaku; but honestly, he could have been worse.  Miusel (his half-elf maid) is cute but her personality so far is just “shy girl.”  Maybe we’ll see some more character development in future episodes, but I’m not sticking around to find out.  I did find their brief interactions in this episode to be rather endearing, though.

Overall, not that great a series imo; but it’s not necessarily bad either.  It’s just one of those series that are perfectly average.  And I suppose that’s fine.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to watch like 5+ anime per season, so that may also be Outbreak Company’s fatal flaw when compared with all the more interesting anime we already have for the fall season.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Not gonna be blogging this, obviously.

Well… it sorta depends on what type of manga you’re reading but I appreciate the sentiment all the same.