Stunted front legs are one of the leading causes of equine rage.

In who-honestly-knows-what-country-or-time-period, a strapping but otherwise dull young man named Takahiro is studying at an elite academy for aspiring knights. These knights regularly partake in the marvelous sport of jousting, and although Takahiro was renowned for it he has recently withdrawn drew to an injury or somesuch. He would now like to be the assistant to one of the harem-ready maidens at the academy.
One such maiden, Mio, is actually not in knight training and has no idea how to handle a horse at all, but a misunderstanding with the academy’s belle leads to her being challenged to a duel.

This girl’s sudden onset of yuri fangirling was kind of cute I must admit.

Sometimes a little bit of research about the anime I’m about to watch would be for the best, because when I saw the promo image for Walkure Romanze, featuring a girl looking dashing in what seemed to be a Utena-ish outfit, I assumed this was a shojo anime. I went into it expecting some kind of brave and dashing female knight being super cool. Instead I learned that Walkure Romanze was based on a porn game, and it kinda shows a lot. Most of the girls have giant bouncy tits that seem to be too damn excited to stay inside their clothing, and the lower half of this dashing outfit is a micro mini-skirt. Because……because why? I know this is a porn game and all but you girls are riding horses. While they do have full knight armour for the actual joust scenes (although of course the armour has boob pockets, which looks remarkably uncomfortable), it still seems ridiculous to be wearing miniskirts in such a setting at all. And as for the setting, I dont know if it’s intentionally vague, but half the time it seems like old-timey europe but then the girls are all wearing miniskirts and lingerie and one of them seems to have samurai armour. Also some of them have japanese names and there are cherry blossoms everywhere but then there’s also gratuitous german terms. I’m just going to assume its Poorly Explained Fantasy Land and forget about it. Besides, who cares about world-building when there are horses ripping the miniskirts off bountifully-bosomed maidens!
…Yeah, that…happens, and twice in the one episode. It was so ridiculous that I couldn’t even be annoyed about it. Points for uniqueness, I guess.
This episode didn’t really give any of the characters who are undoubtedly routes in the game much focus besides Mio and the drill-haired blonde girl, neither of which really interested me. Mio herself was pretty annoying, actually,  but maybe she becomes cooler when she learns to ride a horse if that girl on the promo picture was her with short hair, I can’t even tell. Their designs aren’t really that interesting but they at least aren’t overdesigned with a bunch of increasingly ridiculous hair accessories as seems to be the trend in so many porn games.
If anime based on porn games is your thing, this is probably one of the more unique premises I’ve seen, and I actually kind of like the premise itself – I’d really like to see more horses in anime.  You could definitely do a lot worse in this genre. That doesn’t mean I’d watch any more of it myself, though.

Poor horse was probably just trying to tell the girls that these ridiculous miniskirts just aren’t suitable for horse-riding.

Out of 5,