Little!Makoto, awww!


Makoto is a young schoolgirl and also a shrine maiden—in fact, the 15th successor to the shrine.  Her mother died when she was only four, so she now lives in the shrine with her father, the priest.  She’s one of the few who is able to see the shrine heralds, which is something she inherited from her mother’s bloodline.  Her particular shrine’s herald is a giant silver fox creature named Gintaro.  Generally, shrine heralds come in pairs, though Gintaro’s partner seemingly left a long time ago.

Gintaro you are… more humanoid than I expected you to be.

Being a herald and thus sort of a minor god, Gintaro can use his powers to tell fortunes and find things.  Makoto abuses his powers for extremely petty situations, including helping a classmate reconcile with her boyfriend.  However, Makoto botches the advice, so the classmate’s apology falls through.  After finding out about her failure, Makoto takes her anger out on Gintaro and he ends up leaving the shrine that night.

I know Makoto’s mad and all, but she’s the one who’s really at fault in this situation…

The next day, two younger girls who are friends of Makoto ask her to find a stray cat they had been taking care of.  Unfortunately, Makoto needs Gintaro’s help to find the cat, and he’s nowhere to be found back at the shrine.  It’s only then that Makoto realizes her mistake, and she’s now afraid that Gintaro has left permanently.  Fortunately for her, he hasn’t.

This is the most over-dramatic reunion I have ever seen for a situation like this.

My Opinion:

Well, this was certainly a charming series.  Charming, but it still has its flaws.

I know this series is meant to be a more laid-back one, but I just found the teen drama and angst to be a bit melodramatic.  Makoto’s classmate’s “YOU LIED TO ME, YOU’RE A FRAUD” and Makoto’s “I HATE YOU GINTARO YOU’RE SO MEAN” just felt very petty and juvenile to me.  I mean, I understand that these characters are teens, and they don’t exactly think things through, but man; the way their petty problems are taken so seriously does feel a tad silly.

Drama aside, I do like the potential this series has.  I always really love any anime that has a supernatural vibe like this, where a human and a mystical spirit are friends and have to work together to get things done.  Makoto’s and Gintaro’s relationship is very sweet so far.  Makoto as a character by herself is a little… eeehhhh but I’m hoping she matures some more over the course of the series.  As she is now she’s still rather immature, though she’s at least a pleasant enough character.  Gintaro is just kind of the grumpy fox god dude, but he’s thankfully kind enough that he doesn’t come off as a complete jerkass.

Overall, this was a decent series.  The animation is good enough so far.  This seems like a very slice-of-life series (…with gods!) so it may be a bit dull to some.  I personally found it relaxing to watch, but I really hope we don’t have too much mundane teenager drama.  I don’t know if I have the time to blog this series in its entirety as I still have a few more first impressions left to do, but we’ll see.  I personally wouldn’t mind.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Please have more cutesy interactions like this and less teen drama, kthnx