I Could Have Just Referred To This As The Shortened Titled ‘Noucome’ But Then You Wouldn’t Get To Bask In The Full Effect Of The Idiotic Ridiculousness Of The Latest Dumb Light Novel Title! (that’s the title of this review.)

Very realistic affliction.

Part of me wants to declare this the stupidest light novel title and premise combo to ever come out of the industry but the other part of me knows in my heart that it’ll probably be outdone within the coming year. Noucome’s title and premise is so absurdly idiotic that it’s almost beautiful in its own fascinating way. Alright, so. Our protagonist is cursed with a most peculiar affliction. Throughout his regular day, completely at random, he will receive a disembodied voice in his head demanding him to choose one of two options. For example, when he sees a discarded porn magazine on the ground in the park, he is presented with the choices ‘rub your face on it and sniff it’, or ‘eat it’. No other option is allowed. If he doesn’t obey one of the choices, he is physically unable to ‘continue’ – that is, he suffers massive pain in his head to the extent that fighting against it is useless. Other gems include having to ask his female acquaintance either if he can touch her boobs, or if she can touch his boobs. In other words, it’s like he’s trapped in the world’s stupidest dating sim.
On the way home of another day of making everyone think he’s a weird freak for his strange behaviour in class, he receives a most peculiar choice. Either the disconcerting house-wife from next-door with a crush on him will fall from the sky, or a beautiful young girl will fall from the sky. Because he believes chosing the former will cause him to be crushed by the sizeable woman, he chooses the latter.
That’s right. This entire absurd, ludicrously moronic ‘plot’ was actually the most ridiculously elaborate, round-about lead-in to ‘mysterious girl falls from sky onto protagonist’.

‘Well the show’s pretty dumb but hasn’t reached truly moronic dephths ye-‘ *This is the teacher* ‘–aaaand there we go.’

I honestly don’t even know what the fresh hell with this show. I was all raring to hate it and rip it a new one in the review after reading the synopsis (hell, after reading the title) but the actual product is just so head-scratchingly weird that I don’t even know if I can bring myself to actually hate it. To be honest, I’d feel a bit bad for it. The entire thing is almost an alien tried to make a romantic comedy anime using what it could glean from the most recent tropes in the genre and he just tried his gosh-darned best, you know? The humour is bizarre and incredibly forced, as though the voice actors themselves weren’t entirely sure whether what they were saying was meant to be funny or not. Some of the jokes made weren’t terrible, and I even managed to smile at some of the lines from the white-haired girl Furano, but the rest was pretty weak and repetitive. At the beginning of this show there’s this bizarre montage of examples of important choices made throughout history; from Steve Jobs deciding to make his iphones a touch-screen instead of a flip-phone, to an elephant’s ancestor deciding it wanted to reach the fruit higher on the tree and thus evolve a trunk. What’s truly weird about this montage is that it just keeps going, for approximately four minutes after we’ve gotten the point already, and it seemed the only real purpose was to foreshadow the fact that overplaying jokes far, far past the point where they stopped being even vaguely amusing is going to be a running thing with this show. (Seriously, I get the funny funny joke of juxtaposing these ‘important’ choices with DO I A) TAKE OFF MY SHIRT OR B) TAKE OFF MY PANTS but four minutes of it was really not necessary.)
The animation, also, is rather on the low side. Art-wise it’s not terrible, although the only character that really stands out to me is Furano. (Furano is also probably the only semi-decent thing about this show at all, as she actually has something like a personality beyond a single character trope.) The other main girl, Ouka, is cute but looks like she could be an exchange student from literally any hentai game made in the early 2000s, ribbon and all. Having her the daughter of a CEO which gives her the gimmick of bringing various medicinal and beauty goods to school for her classmates to try is at least something vaguely unique which at least shows some effort put into her character. And then there’s a pink-haired lollypop-sucking loli teacher that literally dresses like she just walked in from kindergarten, and then the third girl literally falls out of the sky onto the protagonist, like I just got into a time machine to the aforementioned early 2000s where this is a plot device that we do. Or is it all just satire? Satire on the idiotic gimmicky dumb-ass-titled light novel plague? Who can honestly tell at this point. I have no idea what the hell the plot is going to try to do after this sky-girl’s introduction, because the episode ends there – humorously enough, with a choice for the viewers, a)continue watching b)don’t watch. Unlike our protagonist, I did not have a headache-inducingly hard time choosing my answer. But all the same, I can’t help be curious about this ridiculous thing and what the hell it will do for 12 episodes.  I thought I would be mad if it wasn’t as rage-inducingly terrible as I hoped it would be (those are, after all, the reviews most fun to write), but I’m not mad at all. Just slightly bemused that I live in a world where a book and a cartoon based on that book with this plot exists.

well at least ‘putting some semblance of effort into the lead males design’ seems to be trending right now.

Out of 5,