I think I might like this little cutie.

Despite the fun name, things aren’t all that fun in the Ferrari family. The parents have split and the three daughters live separately. Hazuki Ferrari is a law student, but is disappointing her mother by being a borderline alcoholic. Kazuki Ferrari is a highschooler who disappoints her mother by being socially withdrawn and refusing to interact with her classmates. And Hozuki Ferrari may just be a child genius but her parents don’t actually seem to notice her at all. These ‘failures’ greatly disappoint their mother, because she believes they act unbecoming of their heritage; they’re descendants of Galileo.  This fact is apparently now going to get the three girls into a lot of trouble – they are now being targeted by people after ‘Galileo’s Inheritance’.
Somehow, mechas factor into this.

Excuse me sir I think there might be a Final Fantasy game looking for you somewhere.

There are obvious difficulties with judging a lot of anime by their first episodes, which is the main problem with doing First Impression reviews. Galilei Donna might so far be one of the biggest examples of this problem because woah do I have no idea what’s going to happen with this plot. It seemed like not that much happened in the episode itself, and yet nothing really dragged on. It’s definitely going to take at least two episodes to really get a feel for this one.
But, so far, it’s a very attractive show with some nice character designs and a mysterious premise that does show some promise. I’m not into mechs that much, but the delightful, vaguely steampunkish shapes these ones have are rather appealing. (The one Hozuki made, or at least, it was implied that she made it, I can’t actually tell – is shaped like a goldfish. Exactly what the talking goldfish that helps her pilot it is will be another mystery entirely.) The other one, the self-titled ‘gorgeous mecha’ owned by the enemy(?) is more like a semi-steampunk airship. We can already see Hozuki is piloting a mech, and will undoubtedly star in some future battles, but exactly what role her sisters are going to play I have no idea.
It’s the relationship between the three sisters – and their parents- that interests me the most here. What happened to separate them all like that? If they’re all living in Italy, why does everyone have Japanese first names? (Hozuki, also, has many typical Japanese souvenir items in her room that suggests an interest in the country more than an actual heritage, but we’ll see.) Perhaps episode two will have some answers to these questions – it will, hopefully, at least let me know if this one will be worth sticking with. This episode alone just simply doesn’t contain enough of the plot for me to feel I can judge it accurately.

She’s so damn cute.

Out of 5,

This is the last of the season’s anime I’ll be doing First Impressions of (well, I did want to review Pupa but it doesn’t even have a damn air date yet). I’ve already decided to blog Samurai Flamenco, but I still haven’t decided my second series. It’s between Coppellion, Kyokai no Kanata, Nagi no Asukara and Galilei Donna, so I’ll wait until after I’ve seen the second episodes of all of these before making my decision. Since by the time the second Galieli Donna is out the third episode of the first three will be out, if I do decide on one of those first three I’ll do a batch review of the 2nd and 3rd episodes.