Our four main characters.


Hotaru is a former resident of Tokyo, who one day moves to a small village in the countryside.  There, she discovers that the old school only has one class, and all the students there are in different grades.  Hotaru’s in fifth grade, while the other three girls are in grades 1, 7, and 8; with an older boy in the ninth grade.  There’s Renge, the youngest who has a bit of a lisp; there’s Natsumi, the tomboyish one; there’s Komari, who seems to be the most mature; and finally, there’s the boy named Suguru.  Apparently, Natsumi, Komari, and Suguru are all related as sisters and brother.


Feeling like an outsider–I know that feel.

Hotaru feels a bit homesick at first, finding it hard to adjust to her new country life.  She also feels like a bit of an outsider, since the other three girls know each other so well.  However, after they invite her to eat sakura mochi at a large sakura tree one day, Hotaru realizes that she’s already been accepted into their circle.

This series should just be called Gorgeous Backgrounds, The Anime.

My Opinion:

This was such a lovely series!  I really love atmospheric anime like this, and I think Non Non Biyori certainly captured the “country” atmosphere perfectly.

The backgrounds and soundtrack in this series is top notch, and really drive home the fact that this anime takes place in the country.  This whole episode was very calming and relaxing to watch!  I also like the contrast between Hotaru and the other girls, who are used to living in such a rural place.  (“You locked your house door before you went out? How unusual!”)  The art-style used for the girls is very very “moe,” but it fits well enough.

I do have a few criticisms for this episode.  One, it was rather dull at times.  I love the relaxed pacing of the episode but there were times when it just felt like it dragged.  This is probably because the girls aren’t too interesting yet, which is another criticism I have.  The girls just feel like anime stereotypes currently, so their interactions weren’t too entertaining to watch; it just felt bland.  Also, all the “jokes” so far were so unfunny it was almost painful.  And I can’t help feeling that the producers were trying to push the “moe” thing too far.  The girls are all cute and all, but the anime just seemed like it was holding a giant neon sign that says “LOOK AT HOW CUTE THESE GIRLS ARE!!!” and that’s just annoying.  I also wish the characters had been introduced better.  Other than Hotaru, the other girls had no proper introduction, which I thought was weird.  Come on guys; at least introduce yourselves to your new classmate!  I actually had to look up Komari’s name because it was never stated in this episode.

Overall, this anime has about a half-half mix of good and bad things.  It’s a very pleasant series though, with good animation.  Obviously, if you don’t like slice-of-life, you should stay away from this.  I ended up really enjoying this despite its downsides; and this shouldn’t be hard to blog at all, so I might end up blogging this series along with Kyousougiga.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2