Meet our protag and his annoying Doll! Also, hi there Funimation logo!


Raishin is a young man from Japan, who one day transfers to a school in England with his trusty mechanical doll named Yaya, in order to attend a prestigious school.  At this school, there are other puppeteers like Raishin, training in order to compete in the Walpurgis Night Festival.  During the Festival, the top 100 students compete and the last man standing is crowed the “Wise Man,” gaining access to all sorts of forbidden magic.  Raishin wishes to become the Wise Man in order to become powerful enough to kill a certain man.

This is… multiple levels of creepy.

Not long after he arrives at the school, he meets a haughty yet powerful sorceress named Charlotte, who controls a black dragon.  He challenges her to a duel, though they’re interrupted by other puppeteers who want to usurp Charlotte from her top position.  Even though he intended to duel her, Raishin ends up saving Charlotte from the surprise attack instead.  Afterwards, the two become tense friends, much to the annoyance of the clingy Yaya.

They may like your looks but they’ll be repulsed by your horrid personality.

The next day, as Raishin and Yaya are having breakfast with Charlotte, Raishin spies the man who killed his sister.  He and Yaya immediately spring into action, despite Charlotte’s warning.

My Opinion:

The summary doesn’t sound that bad, but this episode was just… really bad.

The main story of this series is basically just that of the Fate series… WITH DOLLS!  Even though they gave Raishin this tragic back-story and all that jazz I still can’t help but feel like this is a rip-off of the Fate series, except with more fanservice and less depth.  Hell, Dolls recover more the closer they are to their masters, implying sexy times.  If that isn’t a straight rip-off of the Fate series, I don’t know what is.  Also, other than Raishin I’m finding all of the characters annoying.  Yaya is the clingy jealous girl and she keeps STRANGLING Raishin if he even mentions or looks at another girl.  Oh, and she’s been shown to have molested him several times and also maybe possibly raped him in that one scene.  I know she’s meant to be otaku bait but are we really supposed to find her ENDEARING?  It’s really freaking disturbing.  Even if she IS just a Doll.  No wait, I think that actually makes it MORE disturbing.  Also, Charlotte.  Just… Charlotte.  Full-blown tsundere anime stereotype straight ahead!

Overall, unless you enjoy these types of things, just ignore the fact that this series exists.  The story is bland, the characters are bland, the animation is bland.  I’m probably really biased here but this is possibly the worst first episode I’ve had to review so far.

Final verdict: BLAND.  And disturbing.

Out of five:

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*launches self into the moon*