Finally we reach the last of my First Impressions!

The OP for this was pretty cool but that’s pretty much it.


Harutora is a descendant of a powerful Onmyo, but he doesn’t want to become one himself, mostly because he can’t even see spirits.  All he wants is to continue living his days peacefully and lazily, though it seems everyone else wants him to become an Onmyo.  One such person is his friend Hokuto.  Another is a childhood friend and distant relative of Harutora’s, named Natsume.  Natsume is actually in-training to become an Onmyo, though she wants Harutora to become one too in order to help her defend their family’s heritage.

Not going to lie, I’m REALLY not fond of the way faces are drawn in this series.

Way to make me automatically hate you as a character: pull shit like this.

Later on at a festival, Hokuto makes a wish at a shrine for Harutora to become an Onmyo and he gets mad at her, causing her to run away.  Shortly after, Harutora gets targeted by a dangerous Onmyo named Suzuka.  She was actually targeting Natsume but ended up with Harutora by mistake.  After Hokuto runs back to see what the commotion is, Suzuka kisses Harutora on the lips just to vex Hokuto.

…she’s supposed to be threatening?

My Opinion:

You know how a series seems cool at first but then just devolves into this sort of pretentiousness that you can’t stand?  Guilty Crown ended up being this for me, along with K (the anime), and now Tokyo Ravens can join the ranks.

Man, there were just some small things that annoyed me about this episode, but there were so many of them that they added up and made this episode almost unbearable to watch.  First of all, Hokuto.  Are we supposed to find her endearing?  She’s not the clingy jealous girl (my most hated trope), but she’s obviously the “genki girl” of the series.  If done well, I actually love genki-type girls.  But Hokuto’s personality is not done well at all and she ended up being annoying.  Did the person who created her even know what girls really act like?  She comes off as more a facsimile of a girl than an actual girl.  She makes Harutora waste a ton of money on a game-stand prize just for THE RIBBON ON THE BOX.  To tie up her hair with.  Then she demands that he call her cute.  What?!?  Also, the episode seems like it’s trying to make us feel pity for Hokuto because what, she wants Harutora to become something he’s not and doesn’t want to?  What the hell?  I was actually feeling more pity for Harutora because I don’t care how “cute” you are or how much you cry about it; if you are trying to force someone into something they have no interest in just because YOU want it, then that is selfish and you are a horrible person.

Also teenage angst!  So much teenage angst!  The “reunion” scene between Harutora and Natsume was just… painfully awkward.  And the scene where Suzuka kissed Harutora in front of Hokuto was so melodramatic it became unintentionally hilarious.  Well, perhaps I’m being a bit harsh here; since I would probably be devastated if I saw the boy I liked get kissed by a random girl.  But I just can’t take the scene seriously when Suzuka has already been made out to be the Ms. Fanservice of the series, what with her licking food super suggestively.

Overall, I didn’t like this series.  I don’t even know what the story is since not much happened, but I’m definitely not liking any of the characters so far.  The animation isn’t that bad but I’m not too fond of the art style.  I suppose this isn’t really a BAD series, but Hokuto alone just really ruins the episode for me, sorry.  This is obviously a very personal opinion, so take that with a grain of salt.

Out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

Awkward. Much like this episode.

Now that I’m done with the first impressions, it’s time to decide what series(es) to blog. I’m definitely already going to blog Kyousogiga (a batch review of episodes 1 + 2 will be up sometime soon) and I would like to take on one more.  As much as I liked Yozakura Quartet, that seems like it’d be tough to do reviews of, just due to the pacing of the story.  I don’t exactly have much free time, so I’d prefer to blog a series that I can write up reviews for quickly; so I’ll probably end up blogging Non Non Biyori.  Yozakura Quartet seems pretty popular so a lot of blogs should be blogging that one anyway.  I’m perfectly fine with taking on another slice-of-life anime.