After Renge and Natsume find a piece of candy in Komari’s bag one day at school, they demand that they receive some candy too, though Komari instead ends up giving it up to the new girl, Hotaru.  Hotaru is ecstatic at receiving candy from her “senpai,” and resolves to keep the piece of candy to treasure it instead of eating it.

Whoah, we actually got to see this dude’s face! (he was pretty much “the faceless” last episode)

One weekend day, Komari invites Hotaru to hang out with her.  Hotaru over-dresses and as a result, Komari doesn’t even recognize her, thinking that Hotaru is instead some mysterious “mature lady” from Tokyo.  On Hotaru’s request, they go to the candy store together.  Hotaru has the time of her life on the trip, while Komari continues to be amazed by her “grown-up” airs.  Even when they part, Komari still doesn’t realize that it was Hotaru all along.

This situation could probably have been easily resolved had you actually asked her for her NAME

My Opinion:

I’m really glad I stuck with this series.  While the beginning of this episode did drag a bit, the whole latter half of the episode was just genius.

I suppose it’s just that Hotaru’s and Komari’s interactions seem so much more believable.  Renge and Natsume aren’t necessarily bad characters, but when the two are together they can come off as a bit grating.  Renge is still adorable, but I can’t help but feel like her adorableness is being forced onto us in every scene she’s in.  This may partially be the reason why the beginning half of the episode just wasn’t that good.  The jokes involving Renge and Natsume continue to fall flat.  They’re not necessarily BAD jokes, but they’re not exactly laugh-out-loud material either.  I’m hoping they’ll be more amusing to watch in later episodes after we get to know them more.

Animation is still pretty good for this series, with the same lovely backgrounds as in the last episode.  There weren’t as many nice scenes this time, since the girls’ didn’t visit many places; and I kinda wish that the candy store was a bit more detailed.  Still, the series continues to do a rather good job of conveying a “country-like” atmosphere.

Overall, this continues to be an extremely pleasant series to watch, and it’s shaping up to actually be rather humorous.  Hotaru and Komari are pretty well-rounded characters at this point, but Renge and Natsume definitely have some catching up to do.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Because that’s totally how it works.