Wild Tiger, eat your heart out.

As Masayoshi continues to be the gallant Samurai Flamenco, Goto’s police box is starting to get flooded with calls and complaints from people reporting a suspicious individual who is more neighbourhood nuisance than superhero. Masayoshi is undeterred of course, deciding that he should try harder than ever. However, he also has to try hard at his day-job as a model, as his manager, the rather fiery-tempered Ishihara, wishes to promote him even more. He is arranged to collaborate with the hit idol group Mineral Miracle Muse in one of their promotional videos, whilst trying to pretend he isn’t interested in superheroes. Apparently, Ishihara greatly hates Masayoshi’s superhero fixation which forces him to hide it from her. This may become even more difficult now that news and phone-video of ‘Samurai Flamenco’ is going viral on the web…

Masayoshi’s squishable face.

He really rocks that suit.

Are these two going to end up making or shouting each other dinner in every episode because wowee.

A prevalent opinion on the first episode of Samurai Flamenco seemed to be that the show was good enough but the animation wasn’t. Personally, I didn’t notice it that much in the first episode, but it was really, really noticeable in this one. The animation quality really went down a few notches and it really is a bit disheartening to see – they did, at least, save most of the budget for a hilariously dramatic chase sequence involving Masayoshi tailing someone who stole Goto’s umbrella by bicycle, but a lot of the other places felt a bit awkward. Good thing the other points made up for it, because this show is still just as charming as it was to begin with.
I knew we probably wouldn’t have to wait too long to meet the girls in the ending, but I didn’t expect them to actually be pop idols – I just assumed that was all symbolic. I also assumed that one of the girls would be Goto’s girlfriend…although it hasn’t been proven otherwise yet, so maybe she is. Which one, however, I can’t say. Certainly the most interesting is the bubbliest, who takes a keen interest in Masayoshi mumbling the lyrics to a certain superhero theme. Could she also be a superhero nut, or maybe she has some other connection to the Hero in question? To be honest, I really hope that she doesn’t end up like some superhero sidekick to him because I feel like everything works a lot better with him being solo. I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly she’s going to bring to the story though, so here’s hoping she’s a decent character.
I’m really hoping that Samurai Flamenco gets popular – or at least popular enough for it to be able to justify fixing up the animation quality for the DVD/Bluray releases like Tiger&Bunny did.

Little Masayoshi..!

Fuelin’ doujins, that’s what.

The mechanical way everyone just whips out their phones and starts filming made me laugh because you know that’s exactly what would happen in real life.

Out of 5,